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IronBits 2004-12-09 03:38

Best bang for buck
For Prime95 and SOB type projects, I assume Intel still rocks.

What is best 'deal' in todays market for dedicated boxen?

Moderate, run of the mill screamer
mild overclocking maybe - air cooled and quiet
Onboard VID and NIC combos - headless is a big plus.
not too heavy on the electricity bill a big plus.
Thanks for any information/insite you can share.

IronBits 2004-12-09 17:08

Not asking to start a war.
For instance, I found a P4 3.0E that has 800fsb and a mobo for $89 that I think that will run it, but don't know.
I heard the P4 3.0E will overclock to 3.5GHz with air cooling, but don't know if the mobo supports the overclocking.
Just looking for known working combos...

There are so many Intel processors to chose from and even more, chipsets.
A little help would be appreciated.
Looking at the costs of a small Intel pharm...
I already had a 'amd' pharm with PXE boot, looking at Intel processors now.
/me wonders where outlnder is hiding these days. :D

garo 2004-12-09 17:45

Go for a Northwood for Prime95 purposes. The Prescott is slower.

IronBits 2004-12-09 20:13

Ok, thanks for that!
P4 3GHz 800FSB Northwood (OCs to 3.4 easily on air, so I read)
Is there a P4 2.8+ Northwood (w H/T) that is a better deal for cost/performance.

Now I need a mobo recommendation that has onboard video and that will let me tweak the BIOS for OCing ;)

XYZZY is the :devil: if he doesn't weigh in here... :D

garo 2004-12-09 20:48

Well not on newegg. The 2.4C (Northwood) is $142, the 3.0C 197, the 2.8E 181 and the 3.0E 189. So the 3.0 Prescott is cheaper than the 3.0 Northwood! All the processors listed above have hyperthreading. But be sure to factor in the cost of the erst of the system when you look for the price/performance sweet spot. Also, AFAIK, the Prescott runs hotter and will have a slightly higher electricity bill as well.

Xyzzy 2004-12-09 20:49

I haven't kept up with the latest Intel hardware in the last few months, sorry!


IronBits 2004-12-10 21:12

Ok, so we're stuck on the right cheap/fast mobo with
Onboard Video and NIC
DDR2 400 ram?
YoosGuys are my heros for Intel hardware, speak up, give me a few crumbs at least! :grin:

garo 2004-12-10 22:55

I wish I could help. I'm sure someone will respond here. Otherwise try posting on TPR thread in Ars. Someone may be able to help you there. Pagefault usually keeps up with intel hardware.

IronBits 2004-12-10 23:22

[URL=]How about This?[/URL]
Not exactly what I would call 'cheap' but might be workable?

moo 2004-12-11 00:52

what are u looking to do trial factoring - dubble checking - or first time ll

if your gonna do trial factoring use a celeron d they have good specs
p4 for the other 2

just a hint celerons are only 80 bucks with a 30 dollar board with built in nic and 512 ddr 2100 ram for 70 you save ur self a lot lol

roy1942 2004-12-11 02:56

If you want to get a cheap P4 box, a good place to start is from Look at their barebones kit, item N52-3015. It is $170 less $140 in rebates, or just $30 net cost!!. You get a case, power supply, ECS PM800-M2 mobo, kbd, mouse, spkrs, cd burner. They don't show it, but mine came with a 3.5 floppy also. The mobo has audio, video, lan and modem so you don't need any extra cards. Add memory, hard drive and processor and you are in business cheap. (And a monitor, of course, or use a KVM switch, or run remotely)

I bought two, and put a 3.2 Northwood in one and 3.2 Prescott in the other. The Northwood works much better for Prime95, as has been noted in this forum many times.

This is not your heavy duty case - it redefines how thin a piece of metal you can use without collapse. But it does work!

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