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xilman 2021-01-11 16:04

A few days ago someone asked on the local Freecycle network for a potted bamboo.

I told her that if she brought one or more pots and some heavy labour, she could select from ~15 different species.

After giving it some thought, she has now been advised that it may be better to wait until March or so for health reasons, both our health and that of the bamboo(s). Only essential travel is now allowed round these parts and dividing a stand of bamboo is hard to categorize as essential. The bamboo will be much happier when it is not so cold.

Nick 2021-01-11 16:13

You could suggest she enjoy some [URL=""]boemboe[/URL] during the winter weeks instead.

xilman 2021-01-11 16:41

[QUOTE=Nick;568994]You could suggest she enjoy some [URL=""]boemboe[/URL] during the winter weeks instead.[/QUOTE]Thanks for drawing that to my attention. Never heard of it before and must give it a try.

We tend to go for "Indian" (Anglo-Indian cooked by Bangladeshis), Thai and Cantonese/Szechuan cuisine over here rather than Indonesian.

Only ever eaten explicitly Indonesian food in Amsterdam.

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