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Xyzzy 2017-02-10 03:07

Forum gathering & eclipse party?
Wouldn't it be fun to have a small forum gathering AND see the eclipse?

If you are interested, maybe we can get a discussion going to coordinate things.



sdbardwick 2017-02-10 03:22

I've had a room booked at Harrah's Metropolis since August! Whether I actually make it is about a 75% chance as of today.

For those interested in getting close to maximum [duration of] totality, Southern Illinois University has a bunch of events scheduled: [url][/url]

chappy 2017-02-10 03:38

I am probably in for some of this. I have an eclipse related event to attend in Nashville, so I'll already be in the neighborhood.

gd_barnes 2017-02-10 04:16

St. Joseph, Missouri is only 70 miles from me and is directly on the centerline of the eclipse path at 1:06PM CDT. I'm definitely going.

Uncwilly 2017-02-10 04:32

I plan on being in that rough area to see the eclipse. I would b amenable to meeting some time on the day.

Dubslow 2017-02-10 22:36

I've mentioned elsewhere I'm gonna see if I can rustle up some local friends to maybe camp in the forests or something. Regardless of the precise details, it'll be somewhere in the area of Carbondale/I-57.

chalsall 2017-02-10 22:48

[QUOTE=Dubslow;452738]Regardless of the precise details, it'll be somewhere in the area of Carbondale/I-57.[/QUOTE]

A friend of mine owns a sailing ship, and plans to sail north to watch the eclipse with a few good men.

"Ever been to sea, Billy?

kladner 2017-02-11 06:19

Eclipse plans
2 Attachment(s)
I am talking to Dan about going to Giant City surrounding the day of the eclipse. We'll have to get proper eye protection.....and camera sensor protection, too. :smile:
(This is a few winding miles South of Carbondale. Lots of other cabin rentals around.)

Oh, BTW, the Lodge itself was built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps.) There is a bronze CCC worker outside. The interior is amazingly rustic. It is built from local sandstone and local timber. Some of the CCC boys became really proficient stone masons. They also built many of the trails in the state park.

Chuck 2017-02-14 01:52

Going to Columbia, SC for the eclipse
I have had a sticky note up for about four years for this. I am planning to drive up from Jacksonville FL to Columbia SC (actually the town of Cayce which is just to the southwest) and get a motel room for the night. I've got ten pair of eclipse viewing glasses I bought from [url][/url] in case there are others nearby who need them.

I hope it isn't cloudy.

richs 2017-02-14 03:24

I'll be up in Oregon to watch.

Spherical Cow 2017-02-14 15:01

[QUOTE=richs;452922]I'll be up in Oregon to watch.[/QUOTE]

As will I, with some friends who viewed the 1991 Mexico eclipse together. Haven't determined the exact location, but it will be somewhere in the vicinity of Madras, Oregon, which has a statistically good chance of clear weather.


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