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gd_barnes 2008-05-05 16:57

Many thanks to everyone for participating in the rally! It was an unqualified success!! I'd like to shoot for a rally at least once/month from this point forward. We had held off on this one to allow the admins to catch their breath on processing, verifying, reporting, and updating results files, posts, and web pages after we had several rallies to get the project moving quickly at its outset.

Also, many thanks to Adam's (AES's) server. It handled a very large load for at least 24 hours without a glitch.

For as many k/n pairs as we tested, I would have expected us to find ~5 primes vs. the 3 that were actually found but obviously that is a normal fluctuation in the universe of the almost random distribution of primes.

We brought our testing up to n=423.7K for drive 1 with the rally and with the ongoing testing since the end of it, we're already at n=424.6K as of this moment.

We are shooting for n=600K on both drives 1 and 3 by year end so everyone keep plugging away and we'll make it! :smile:


kar_bon 2008-05-05 19:56

One thing: You might check the times on the graph. The rally ran from 19:00 GMT May 3rd thru 19:00 GMT May 4th. You are showing 15:00 GMT - 15:00 GMT. 15:00 is the time in Eastern Daylight time (EDT) U.S. that the rally ran.


All times are UTC. The time now is 01:45.

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