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wfgarnett3 2003-03-24 06:39

sieving is complete
Hello all,

Brian and Boudewijn have completed sieving. We are completely sieved to a P value over 1500 trillion. Within the next week or two, I'll gradually convert current PRP testers over to the new input file by contacting each of you personally through e-mail.

William Garnett

Samidoost 2003-07-28 12:06

Re: sieving is complete
Great work! up to 1500000G!

May I ask
(1) What is the limit on k for each n?
(2) How many candidates are remained?
(3) Have you tested sbfactor.exe from seventeen or bust on the remaining candidates?

And may I request an input file containing 1000 candidates?


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