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Christenson 2011-01-15 04:44

New Compute Box
Hi all...I'm about to blow some bucks on a new computer. It's going to be dual up my GIMPS numbers when I'm out, and do some C and Java development (some compilation) on Minix...and maybe keep me up on e-mail...

I'm planning on a desktop, a KVM switch (for the small computers that will actually RUN my modified Minix), and some extra HDDs (some of them are already here) to feed the small computers. A new monitor (second flat-panel in the house) is part of this.

I'm not in the mood to do much BUILDING, or torture testing of my new compute utility, or constructing new copies of Windows, though attaching a heat pipe to the CPU seems wise and prudent, given that the CPU will be making lots of heat all the time, and I expect to add a card or two to the motherboard. I'm also not quite ready to completely can Windoesn't...not quite enough time to make it all go, and imagining that it won't make a huge performance impact.

I've seen an Intel Quad Core machine on newEgg, at about $650 for case and all...I also like it for the XP downgrade...
Acer VS480G-UQ8300C Core 2 Quad Q8300(2.50GHz) 4GB DDR3 160GB HDD Capacity Intel GMA X4500 Windows 7 Professional Downgradable to Windows XP [url][/url]
and am wondering if this is good bang for my buck, or if there are better systems in a nearby price range...maybe with AMD CPUs...

especially given the Cache-bound nature of GIMPS work...

Eric Christenson

P.S. I expect to order something next week. Thanks for telling me about the hidden costs of hard drives...I hate fooling around with returns...

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