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Uncwilly 2020-05-05 22:11

GIMPS social media presence co-ordination thread
Disclaimer: I didn't see a really great area for this and wanted to avoid the lounge. Figured this might be the best location.

Some of us are working on having a GIMPS presence on various platforms. At the moment a FB page is being spooled-up (it exists and is being fleshed out). Current plans are to have past major events (Start of GIMPS, PrimeNet started, primes found) posted up on the page's timeline. Also, use it for things like: announcements of new primes (after the formal announcement on Post links to MP media like NumberPhile vids. Announce major version updates. Using PRP for first time tests. Major milestones like passing through round number millions, proving a number as the XXth MP, etc. "Hey we have a forum", "Hey we have a Wiki". "You can use your GPU".
At least one post a month or 2 of some sort going forward would be nice. Part of the plug would be "Hey join us in the search."

Instagram can be tied to the FB page, I believe.

A twitter feed would be desirable. If questions come in, existing answers on the MF can be pointed to. More frequent posts of status updates (like TFLOPS achieved, XX,000,000 passed for FTC's or DC's.)

Before anyone goes and creates any new presence, let's try to get all of them secured with the same name/handle. (We should try to get the name even on platforms that we may not use.) Also, what other platforms would be useful? Snapchat? Whatsapp? Tiktok? Youtube of vimeo? ??

Who would be willing to help with which? Ideally we should have 2 or 3 people running each platform. Should we use a publishing service to like Hootsuite? Should we strive to get the blue check on FB to show us a verified official (and the equivalent on other formats)? Generally they need to have some answer a phone call. I think Mike or George could satisfy the need.

Any other considerations?

Anyone have graphic talent or access to someone cheap? It would be useful to have a few things for posting. Anyone have any good archival GIMPS images? Like machines that found MP's, press pictures of the discoverers, photos of the posters of the MP's printer out, etc.

[QUOTE=Prime95;544596]In case anyone is wondering, I have no objections to a community run Facebook page. Are there several volunteers willing to give it a go?[/QUOTE]

Uncwilly 2020-05-06 21:32

Am looking for interesting pictures of people's set-ups that they run GIMPS related software on. If you have a mutant and would not mind the world seeing it, PM me, post a link to a previous post, or the like.

If you can think of GIMPS related pictures that would be good to share, also say something.

chalsall 2020-05-08 19:15

[QUOTE=Uncwilly;544671]Any other considerations?[/QUOTE]

Commendable effort. Potentially quite valuable.

One thing though... It is my considered opinion that Facebook is an example of corporate evil incarnate. They do way too much tracking, even of internet users who are not "customers" of theirs. And they are absolutely amoral -- they'll do whatever it takes to grow their value.

I have looked at the GIMPS FB early drafts (from inside a sandboxed VM; new "fingerprint"), but without allowing Javascript the page is quite dysfunctional. I like what I can see.

So, I guess my question is: are there any other viable mainstream social networks out there where this material can also be placed? Somewhere a little more paranoid friendly?

I don't do social (media), so I truly don't know the answer to this question. :smile:

Uncwilly 2020-05-08 19:32

[QUOTE=chalsall;544902]So, I guess my question is: are there any other viable mainstream social networks out there where this material can also be placed? Somewhere a little more paranoid friendly?[/QUOTE]IG and WhatsApp are part of the FB evil empire.

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