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Nikolaus 2010-03-14 10:25

Lost numbers ?
Maybe somewhere in this forum I could found the solution of my problem, but I was not able to realize it.
In the last weeks, I worked on two Meresenne Numbers, the work proceeded to about 25%.
Then my computer crashed, after that I restarted the program, but now it always starts with to other numbers. I see on, that my "old" numbers are still assigend to me, but nevertheless, the program do not restar with these "old" numbers, but with new numbers.
There are also no .txt files on my computer.
What can i do, to restart with my "old" numbers, which I have worked the weeks ago ?

Mini-Geek 2010-03-14 13:03

Did you extract Prime95 before you ran it? If not, it will have put all its files into your temporary folder (to get to it do Start > Run > type "%TEMP%" > press Enter), which may have been cleared out since then (and so the files were lost).

What directory have you been running Prime95 from? Is it able to write the files it needs there? With Windows Vista and 7, if it is in the "Program Files" directory (may be named different depending on your language), it will not be allowed to write files there.
You should have it somewhere that you know it can write files, e.g. under your (My) Documents folder, or in a folder in the root of your hard drive, e.g. "Documents\Prime95" or "C:\Prime95". I recommend you move it (along with any files that may exist) to one of those locations. Once you've done so, we can try to continue or restart the tests you have assigned, or just unassign them and take new ones.

It is possible that the work done so far has been lost. Check the folder that you ran Prime95 from for files that are named like "p1I12609" (starting with p, then followed by some letters and numbers and ending without a file extension).

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