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KEP 2008-12-02 21:49

@ Everyone:

We are currently only 50M k's shy of reaching 1% of all k's tested for level 1. Should we aim for 25% by the end of 2009?

Please check: [B](none)[/B] and the use the button menu in the left, to see more fresh stats :smile:



[B]Admin edit: The web page is no longer applicable.[/B]

KEP 2008-12-05 22:11

Website is now updated with an "Advanced prime stats" button, which gives each primefinder the possibility to see his/hers primes listed by themself and without the interfeerence of other users primes. So go ahead and take a look at the websites or reserve new ranges.


gd_barnes 2008-12-11 22:39

As stated in the Riesel base 3 mini drive I thread, KEP is stopping his involvement in the Riesel base 3 effort. Therefore, I assume he will no longer update his web pages for any efforts here.

Over the next few days, I will reintegrate the base in with the main project, verify most of what has been done here, and update my web pages accordingly.


gd_barnes 2008-12-12 00:55

Mini drive I for Riesel base 3 has been moved back to the main project. New files have been posted and k's with primes found in the last 10 days have been removed from the files.


gd_barnes 2008-12-17 11:54

I have incorporated this effort back into the main project. Some threads including this are now locked and the main reservations and status threads have been moved. The "Riesel Base 3 Attack" subforum will cease within a few days.


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