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kruoli 2022-06-19 16:45

On startup, it will set the affinities of all processes that are named as the process name that was specified. After that, it will subscribe to a system call that informs about newly spawned processes.

So you have omitted .exe in the command line as I have done? You could try to call [C]AffinitySetter notepad[/C] and look if something happens if you open Notepad. It [I]might[/I] be that Windows 11 blocks the behaviour of my program, I cannot test that. (I am assuming you might use Windows 11 because you were speaking about performance cores.)
[LIST=1][*]In your example, [C]-H[/C] (hyperthreading enabled) would equal to [C]-i 2[/C] on Windows and not specifying [C]-H[/C] would equal to [C]-i 1[/C]. Yes, this seems more user friendly, but I will keep [C]-i[/C] when adding such a switch.[*]This could be done on startup, which is the only point where this could apply.[*]This is already the default and should be shown if it works correctly. Real world example from one of the machines where I am running it:
[CODE]Execute on PID 18340. Set affinity to core 15.
Core 9 freed.
Execute on PID 6744. Set affinity to core 9.
Core 13 freed.
Execute on PID 17332. Set affinity to core 13.
Core 1 freed.
Execute on PID 10520. Set affinity to core 1.
Core 9 freed.
Execute on PID 17088. Set affinity to core 9.
Core 11 freed.
Execute on PID 17208. Set affinity to core 11.
Core 13 freed.
Execute on PID 10792. Set affinity to core 13.
Core 1 freed.
Execute on PID 17516. Set affinity to core 1.
Core 5 freed.
Core 11 freed.
Execute on PID 18824. Set affinity to core 5.
Execute on PID 19148. Set affinity to core 11.[/CODE][*]This does not apply to the event watcher I use, unfortunately.[/LIST]
Yes, already set PIDs are watched and the used cores are marked as "used" in the program.

rogue 2022-06-19 17:29

I see what I did wrong. I was adding the .exe to the process name as that is what Task Manager shows. I have it working now. Thanks.

pepi37 2022-06-19 23:21

Affinity problem under Windows is old one. I like using Prime95 for PRP test and always , regardless configuration one worker is faster then another. I know other program steal cycles , but that is reason why I on 6 core CPU ( 6 true core, no HT) use only 4. But even on that configuration first worker is always slower then another. Prime95 set affinity itself, so I dont know will your program work on not in this case.

Jean Penné 2022-07-13 14:29

Affinity management on LLR
The Affinity managing was not really implemented on LLR...
This issue is now fixed in new LLR 4.0.2, on Linux and WIN32 versions.
It is also fixed on llrCUDA Version 3.8.6 (indeed for the CPU part of the work).
The option -oAffinity=2 allows the progam to run on logical core 2.
You may also choose a list of cores by setting -oAffinity="2,3,5" for example.


rogue 2022-07-13 17:19

FYI, PRPNet supports setting affinity "out of the box" for LLR. PRPNet has been updated to support affinity for pfgw. I'm working on pfgw support for setting CPU affinity, at least for Windows.

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