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LaurV 2015-08-18 05:45

grrrr, use #if 0/#endif, which avoids tricks with multiple line comments. Clever editors will even show this in a different color, and/or you can hide it completely from view. Personally, I never use /*...*/, but stay in the //-line and doxygen.

As a fun story, I also "invented" some tricks like

/* //
code lines or code blocks come here;
// */ optional alternate code line comes here;

this way, by adding/removing a second slash in the front of the first line, I can select if I use the code block or (if present) the code line, this is from laziness, instead of using #ifdef's, I only have to press a single key to add or remove that second slash. Of course, the editor's parser will show the part which is commented out in a different color. And of course, if this is done with an "if" line, or either #ifdef/ifndef lines... hehe.

And many other tricks like that...
In the domain I work, I always fight for few bytes or few microseconds, and that means a lot of "alternating" paths, even for elementary calculus, like for example, going up in a circular menu with 5 positions, should I write "if(x!=0)x--;else x=4", or "x=(x==0?4:x-1)", or "x=(x+4)%5", etc. You would be surprised how different MCU's/compilers/architectures will give better/worse code for one or for the other. But that is a different story...

bloodIce 2015-08-18 06:14

[QUOTE=chalsall;408184]or you add a hash mark for each line.[/QUOTE]

Eh, come on, the triple quoted string matching only the first indentation is not that bad, is it? Lets not pretend that comments on multiple lines are not thought about. Indentation means readability and if someone ever looks at your code indentation will make it easy to understand where chunks are. Even for yourself months/years later.

P.S. Frankly speaking, when I am touching C(++), I spend more time counting brackets than writing code, I find that unnecessary unproductive.

LaurV 2015-08-18 06:41

[QUOTE=bloodIce;408204]P.S. Frankly speaking, when I am touching C(++), I spend more time counting brackets than writing code, I find that unnecessary unproductive.[/QUOTE]
Huh? What have you been smoking? :w00t:

I never counted brackets in 30++ years of programming, except for Lisp (where the parentheses accumulate at the end, and you have to close 20-30 or so, but even there, a square bracket at the end will close all open lists) in school (after school I never wrote complicated Lisp programs beside of simple "scripts" like for example in AutoLisp/AutoCad).

Every IDE nowadays has [B]pairing[/B] (CTRL+E will jump between open/close parenthesis/bracket/begin/end of block, for example, in uVision IDE which I have in front of my eyes in this very moment), and/or [B]highlighting[/B] (of all, and/or of the mismatched only), and/or [B]shrinking[/B] of the blocks/functions, and/or [B]indentation[/B] etc. All help with the "brackets" so you never need to "count" them.

snme2pm1 2015-08-18 08:45

[QUOTE=James Heinrich;408181]it would make more sense to just run this off and pull from the real data. Perhaps when Aaron has some free time he can help me figure out the best way to pull that kind of data out, I can assemble a front-end once the data is available.[/QUOTE]

I want to applaud James for taking up the challenge.
It would be most helpful to readily observe the TF explored depth of ranges of unfactored exponents.
As a secondary consideration, it would also be lovely to have a historic perspective for information presented.
I will not assume that quite the same view of information will be convenient.
But with no disrespect to Chris, the exercise of daily migration of statistics must have been a burden that will be alleviated with some degree of similar facility hosted at PrimeNet.
By the way this thread has ventured way off topic and now inconsistent with the parent forum.
I'm not about to start talking about my source code programming habits here.
I was inclined to suggest that further discussion about this proposed new report be relocated to a more proper location like [url][/url] "PrimeNet web design" some days ago, but I didn't want to inhibit the flow of comment.
Maybe it is time now to do that?

LaurV 2015-08-18 10:01

We also salute James picking up the glove. :smile:
And we say sorry for divagation from the topic. From [U]our[/U] topic (the royal our). Because, see, what James has to do, is written in the very few posts of this topic, 3 years ago. By me (and few others). The issues were never completely solved, and got worse in time, till what we have today. I don't blame anyone, just stating the facts, I am perfectly aware that people have real life too, I also have real life :razz:

chalsall 2015-08-18 19:19

[QUOTE=LaurV;408209]We also salute James picking up the glove. :smile:[/QUOTE]


As I said before a few times, was created mostly for myself when I was doing LMH TF'ing several years ago. The spidering code was a bit fragile when it came to correctly dealing with connectivity problems, which was exasperated by the horrible connectivity and power issues we suffer here in Barbados (although things are slowly getting better -- a monkey hasn't caused an island / country wide power failure for a while now for example...).

[QUOTE=LaurV;408209]And we say sorry for divagation from the topic.[/QUOTE]

Again, indeed.

I should have known better; programming language wars can take on the fervor of religious debates. At the end of the day everyone's correct and everyone's wrong! :smile:

James: if you want a copy of my code (spidering / summary / rendering) you're welcome to it. But this is likely a situation of "[URL=""]Plan to throw one away; you will, anyhow.[/URL]"

P.S. Just to be clear (as there has been some confusion about this in the past), and GPU72 are /completely/ separate. The latter evolved from the former, but they share no infrastructure.

James Heinrich 2015-08-18 19:40

I decided to try again, and while incomplete, the start is now here:

It only goes to 1.0M resolution, not 0.01M resolution as does.
Comparison between dates is planned, but not yet implemented (partly because there's only 1 day of history in the database :smile:)

edit: Consider this alpha, I know there's glaring bugs so don't even worry about bug reports yet, please :sirrobin:

James Heinrich 2015-08-18 21:41

I forgot I hadn't yet updated the live database with the 1M-resolution in a certain table, vs 10M resolution that was previously there...
[code]Query OK, 182907459 rows affected (2 hours 55 min 23.28 sec)
Rows matched: 203280221 Changed: 182907459 Warnings: 0[/code]:w00t:

chalsall 2015-08-19 00:03

[QUOTE=James Heinrich;408252]I forgot I hadn't yet updated the live database with the 1M-resolution in a certain table, vs 10M resolution that was previously there...[/QUOTE]

And we programmers sometimes think we have a difficult time...

I'm about to have a few tonnes of concrete poured, and wanted to know how long I should let it set before I cover it in water.

After much Googling, I was led [URL=""]here[/URL].

Didn't actually answer my question, but OMG! (Other research leads me to think I should keep it wet as soon as it is applied, and cover it with water as soon as the men are off the site.)

James Heinrich 2015-08-19 00:17

[QUOTE=chalsall;408259]After much Googling, I was led [URL=""]here[/URL].[/QUOTE]You can send him to a warm place, but he's still inexorably drawn back to BC... :tu:[quote]...This document was prepared by representatives of the ready-mixed concrete suppliers in British Columbia...[/quote]

chalsall 2015-08-19 00:36

[QUOTE=James Heinrich;408260]You can send him to a warm place, but he's still inexorably drawn back to BC... :tu:[/QUOTE]

What can I say? They do chemistry better there.... (:wink:)

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