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Spherical Cow 2016-04-27 15:01

Surprise Change in Assignment
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A question- I'm doing two LLs, and I had been running a manual assignment on one worker, and a regular Prime95 assigned LL on worker 2. Last night, Worker 1 suddenly stopped the manual assignment at about 88%, and switched to the next assignment in line for that worker. Worker 2 had just finished an assignment, and was starting work on its next assignment. Seems to be a memory issue, though from a hardware monitor that I have running, I don't see any odd things happening with my machine when this sudden change happened (about 8 in the evening locally), and our IT people don't seem to have been doing anything with the system last night. My "status" page now shows that the manual assignment will not finish until July (was originally set to finish May 5), and the LL it shows it working on not finishing until August.

Based on the screen dump below, any ideas why the change in assignment? And what I should do to get back to working on the large manual assignment that was stopped? Safely, that is. I must be doing something wrong, and don't want to compound it.



petrw1 2016-04-27 16:52

This says you still own it:


Could it be the P-1 is earlier in your worktodo ... was stopped earlier due to memory limitations ... and now found the memory to continue....temporarily putting the above on hold?

If so then when it is finished the above LL will continue

cuBerBruce 2016-04-27 20:51

It's perfectly normal for Prime95 to pause an LL test to do a P-1 test on the same exponent. There doesn't have to be an explicit P-1 assignment on the same exponent. I'm guessing 20:00 is when your preferences has nighttime hours starting, and it perhaps thought it should do a P-1 test at the time since your preferences may allow use of more memory during nighttime hours. It does seem a little late within the LL to start P-1, but a DC will still be needed (eventually) after your LL finishes, so maybe it still makes sense to do.

My guess is Prime95 thinks a P-1 test ought to be done on that 109M exponent, and maybe your memory settings are too low for that P-1 test to get done. I might suggest increasing Prime95's memory setting, stopping and exiting Prime95, editing the worktodo.txt to put your 109M back to the front of its queue (if in fact Prime95 changed the order of the assignments in the worktodo.txt), and restarting Prime95.

I imagine there is a way to coerce Prime95 to not try to do that P-1 test, if that's what you really want.

Spherical Cow 2016-04-27 21:35

Ah- Great. Makes sense. Thanks to you both. 20:00 hours is indeed when the night-time hours start memory-wise. I'll check my worktodo file, and will exit, stop, and restart.


S485122 2016-04-28 06:37

From undoc.txt :
"The program used to do factoring and P-1 testing on exponents even if
they were not the first entry in worktodo.txt. The rationale was that
if the number had a factor, the server could be contacted and another
exponent reserved. This avoids the possible scenario where the LL test
for the first worktodo.txt line completes, a factor is quickly found for
the second line in worktodo.txt and the computer now sits idle until
the server can be contacted. This behavior was confusing, especially
to newcomers. To restore this old behavior add this line to prime.txt:
One added benefit is time estimates in Test/Status will be more accurate
because we'll know no factors will be found and the LL test must be run."


Spherical Cow 2016-04-28 15:36

OK- Hadn't glanced at that file; thanks. I'll look in to that.


Syntony 2016-04-28 21:33

[QUOTE=Spherical Cow;432723]OK- Hadn't glanced at that file; thanks. I'll look in to that.


Just wondering whether you may be using a rather old version of Prime95, as the default behaviour was changed quite a long time ago (though I don't remember when). Current versions will just churn through the worktodo.txt entries in order...

cuBerBruce 2016-04-29 00:39

Well, for whatever reason, Norm attempted to run an LL test on an exponent before a P-1 test had been done on it. This means that Prime95 will try to do the P-1 test even if the assignment was for LL. For whatever reason, Prime95 (after failing to run the P-1 test for some reason) seems to be preferring to run an LL test in the queue for an exponent that has had a P-1 test over resuming the LL test for the exponent that hasn't had P-1 done.

My suggestion for Norm is to just adjust your settings so that the P-1 test can run, rather than trying to skip it. Then after the P-1 test finishes, it would seem Prime95 should be happy to continue the LL for that exponent. Or do you have some reason for wanting to skip the P-1 test?

Spherical Cow 2016-04-29 14:19

Thanks for all the help- Its embarrassing, but it turns out I am indeed running an old version...25.11. Not quite sure how I missed noticing new releases. Its like raising kids- you blink, and suddenly they're grown and asking for the car keys. And for college tuition. Seems like just yesterday, I was running version 21.

Anyway, I'll get updated, make sure the settings and preferences are correct, and get things back in order. No, I don't have any reason for skipping the P-1. I'm not that methodical in my madness.

Thanks again-


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