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compusion 2008-11-14 00:26

v5 Server Conversion
Well .. I thought I followed the instructions exactly, but in the new version, I only have one of the previous four exponents showing up under worker 1. Worker 2, 3, and 4 all have new assignments. All of these were about 47% done. I merged all of the ini file information into a new worktodo.txt file. Where did I go wrong.

Tonight I uninstalled everything and started with a new install. After starting the program I had the same information as I had before. So it's obvious that everything is being retained on the new server, with nothing retained locally.

I have all of the old p, q, and m files. I've tried a couple of suggestions mentioned here with no success. Does anyone know how I can recover the three exponents I'm missing from the data I've saved from the old version of Prime95?

Thanks much in advance.

S485122 2008-11-14 11:55

STOP Prime95.

Beware if your OS is Windows Vista, you will have problems writing to the files of the Prime95 folder if it is in C:\Program Files. It is better to move the whole Prime95 instalation to a subfolder of Documents or a subfolder of the root or a subfolder of c:\Program Data.

Then open worktodo.txt, add the missing assignments from the old worktodo.ini files under [Worker #2], [Worker #3] and [Worker #4]. Copy the p, q and m files to the same directory as your new version of Prime95 (if you did not already do it.)

Restart Prime95, you can check by going to the menu "Test / Status" if the assigments have been recognised.

Now by going to the menu "Advanced / Manual Communication" and checking the [Send new expected completion dates to the server." you confirm the assignment of those exponents.

The important part is to STOP Prime95 before modifying the worktodo.txt file by hand.


compusion 2008-11-14 12:52

That did it. Thanks again!

I'm pretty sure is was the new security in Vista. I moved everything out to the ProgramData directory and when I restarted, I entered new information just as if a new install.

There ought to be a note about the Program Files issue, along with the other Vista warning on the install instructions.

Uncwilly 2008-11-14 19:22

[QUOTE=compusion;149296]There ought to be a note about the Program Files issue, along with the other Vista warning on the install instructions.[/QUOTE]And the wiki.

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