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NorbSchneider 2020-11-02 22:44

Another new PRP:
419^52446+52446^419, 137525 digits.

rogue 2020-11-04 13:37

[QUOTE=pxp;557892]I can probably run this every time I update my [URL=""]a094133.txt[/URL] document and share it [URL=""]here[/URL]. A couple of minor issues: Christ van Willegen and Jens Kruse Andersen have lost their surnames and Göran Hemdal has lost the umlauted o (I assume that it is visible in the .txt version).[/QUOTE]

These pages are not loading today. Says the server is not responding

pxp 2020-11-04 15:12

Thanks for the heads-up. Occasionally my internet service provider changes the number of my IP address. This happens rarely but without notice and since I access [URL=""][/URL] locally I usually don't notice until someone complains. When it happens I have to go to DYNDNS and have the domain point to the new number, which I have now done.

pxp 2020-11-08 04:05

I have examined all Leyland numbers in the gap between L(147999,10) <148000> and L(148999,10) <149000> and found 11 new primes.

pxp 2020-11-18 12:46

[QUOTE=pxp;559405]That makes L(222748,3) #1986.[/QUOTE]

I have examined all Leyland numbers in the four gaps between L(222748,3) <106278>, #1986, and L(45405,286) <111532> and found 80 new primes. That makes L(45405,286) #2070.

That was interval #17. Interval #18 still has a month of sieving before I can even get a start on it. I'll be doing intervals #21, #25, and #26 until then.

NorbSchneider 2020-11-23 18:04

Another new PRP:
208^52765+52765^208, 122313 digits.

NorbSchneider 2020-12-10 18:11

Another new PRP:
13699^27268+27268^13699, 112800 digits.

pxp 2020-12-16 11:25

I have examined all Leyland numbers in the gap between L(146999,10) <147000> and L(147999,10) <148000> and found 12 new primes.

NorbSchneider 2020-12-16 19:54

Another new PRP:
13899^27442+27442^13899, 113692 digits.

NorbSchneider 2020-12-17 00:49

Another new PRP:
13706^27459+27459^13706, 113596 digits.

sweety439 2020-12-17 14:09

The smallest k such that n^k+k^n is prime ([URL=""]A243147[/URL])

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