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S80780 2005-11-18 15:10

40M to 41M to 2^62
As the Title says.


S80780 2006-03-01 07:32

update: 40M - 40.1M done & submitted.
2583 candidates
125 factors
4.83% factor-rate

markr 2006-03-01 10:10

[QUOTE=S80780]update: 40M - 40.1M done & submitted.
2583 candidates
125 factors
4.83% factor-rate[/QUOTE]:exclaim: That factor rate is [B]very[/B] high for just one bit-level:exclaim:

lycorn 2006-03-02 00:46

Actually, it is a nice figure even for a 2 bit-level!

thechickenman 2006-03-02 00:52

[QUOTE=lycorn]Actually, it is a nice figure even for a 2 bit-level![/QUOTE]
ANd the new NoFactor file shows these numbers at only 62 bits. Wow.

1997rj7 2006-03-02 01:14

According to my records, the number of candidates was 2488.
There are now 2455 at 62, which means that there were actually 33 factored.

That seems more reasonable. :devil: :grin:

S80780 2006-03-02 16:19

Just rechecked my results.txt file and came up with 2490 candidates and 32 factors. Indeed much more reasonable. Seems like I've erroneously merged some of the factors of the 35M range into those of the current range. :question:


S80780 2006-09-10 17:48

O.K. LMHers!
As we have about 3 month before PrimeNet catches up to this range and my machines haven't done as well as expected:rant:, it is time to join forces. I keep the range up to 40.3M and give the rest back into the pool. Sorry for the trouble and I hope we can keep the output at the 62 bit level.


1997rj7 2006-09-12 01:14

It appears that someone is "unofficially" helping with this range already. The range from 40.0 - 40.3 is already done not just to 2^62, but to 2^63. Most of the range from 40.9 - 41.0 is done as well.

Wow, what did I do to deserve that avatar? :sad:

harlee 2006-10-08 16:50

I'll start trial factoring ^61 bit candidates to ^62 bits for the 40.5-41.0M range.

harlee 2006-10-22 21:32

Here are my results so far:

61 bit candidates: 9499
# trial factored: 2125
factors found: 38
factor-rate: 1.79%

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