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E_tron 2009-12-18 06:38

AT&T gets a reality check
AT&T is thinking about giving heavy data users "incentives" to use less data on their cell phone network:


This is a sad commentary on the laziness of modern corporations (and Ma Bell 2.0 in particular). This has pushed many smart phone users over the edge. Fake Steve Blog wants to shed light on AT&T's business practices; Fake Steve Blog scheduled "Operation Chokehold" at 12PM PST 18DEC09.


AT&T should start following simple economic laws. [I]'hey, people like our product'[/I]. I got an idea; meet the demand; build a better network!

Instead of building a better network, AT&T is crying to Wall Street, Congress, ABC, and the FCC.

"Threats of this nature are serious and we caution the public to use common sense and good judgment when accessing the Internet from their commercial mobile devices. To purposely try to disrupt or negatively impact a network with ill-intent is irresponsible and presents a significant public safety concern." -FCC statement
[/INDENT]Instead of building a better network; they are still buying up competitors like:
[INDENT]Centennial Wireless([url][/url])
Edge Wireless([url][/url])
Dobson Wireless [url][/url][/INDENT]
Instead of building a better network, they are shutting down competitors like:
[INDENT]Municipal data services like LUSLight! in Lafayette, LA([url][/url] [url][/url]).[/INDENT]
Instead of building a better network, they are overcharging customers for the services they possess a virtual monopoly on:
[INDENT]GSM/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA (3G) (the world's standard in wireless)
Instead of building a better network, they are hoarding government enforced monopolies:
[INDENT]POTS and ADSL (Land Lines and it's internet access)
Any telecommunications link that dumps in their areas of responsibility (Fiber Links, T1's, ect...)
Instead of building a better network:
[INDENT]AT&T placed a 5GB/Month Cap on their "Unlimited" data services (how does that work?) ([url][/url]).
Instead of building a better network, they rake in profits:[INDENT]
Now they are going to "give incentives" for the remaining "Unlimited" plans to use less data. Sounds like bouncers are going to take us to the back room for a little talk.

When will it end? When will AT&T build a better network? Maybe when Fake Steve breaks AT&T's current network this coming [B]Friday at 12PM PST[/B].


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