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dave_0273 2004-03-11 06:05

Large number of Exponents Assigned
When I checked the primenet status this morning, I noticed that a large amount of exponents were assigned last night. After doing some more checking, it appears that Userid: stealdcs ComputerId:CBCD109E1 checked out just about every exponent between 11.6M and 11.77M to run a double check on. My best guess is that this is at least 3000 exponents.

I was just wondering how such a large amount of exponents could be assigned to just one computer. I thought that Prime95 would unreserve any exponent that was expected to start in more than 120 days.

As far as I can tell, stealdcs has never returned a result to primenet so I am just wondering if this is a legit account.

dave_0273 2004-03-11 15:50

I just went and checked the status files again, and it appears that all of the exponents were unreserved. As far as I can tell, "stealdcs" now has no assigned exponents.

Does anyone know what happend here??? (And for those thinking it - NO, I did not imagine it.)

Complex33 2004-03-11 16:15

Don't know about your mystery, but speaking of large number of assignments out, anyone know what the deal is with the account "."? Have a [URL=]look.[/URL] It consistently grabs exponents with machine generated ID's and almost always allows the exponents to expire. It currently has nearly 8000 exponent assignments and as many machines. The account has machines named GIT-SLE that actually get work done and a [URL=]weblink.[/URL]

I was just curious if anyone had any idea.

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