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nngs 2008-03-31 20:44

Ranking and Speed
I found a very interesting thing about LL ranking and LL (computing) speed.

First, let me list some data:
RankingPlace versus LL speed

the 1st place --- 237 (P90)year/day (from [url][/url])
the 100th --- 2.136 year/day (not the speed of the ID currently at 100th place, but the speed of the 100th place, based on the data recorded during past 300 days)
the 500th --- 0.510 year/day
the 1000th --- 0.263 year/day

The data show that it is roughly true (but I don't know why) that

Speed(Nth place) = Speed (1st place) / N

Assume this holds OK for any ranking place,
now you can estimate where is the highest ranking you can reach ("theoretically") :flex:

nngs 2008-03-31 21:23

To describe this in another way,

There is a number X. if your rank N times your speed V (in p90year/day) is greater than X, you will move up in the ranking list; otherwise you will move downward and lost your current ranking place (surpassed by others).

I guess currently X ~ 240 +/- 20 p90yrs/day (for LL ranking)

To be more clearly,

N*V > 260 ---> move upward
220< N*V <260 ---> probably stay in same place for quite while
N*V<260 ---> move downward

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