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MooMoo2 2009-08-19 06:44

Archived sieve reservations and discussions
This thread contains the old sieve reservations and the old discussions in the sieve reservation thread.
Original post:
2700G-2850G complete (first range)


Gribozavr, could you delete all of the candidates with factors (10G-3500G) from the sieve file? After you've done that, please remove all the candidates with k>500000 and upload that file to sendspace*. We'll test all the small k values first before LLRing 500000<k<10M, and LLR manual reservations will be open once the file is up.

Primegrid wants a deeper sieve depth, so we'll give them the bigger k's to test once the optimal sieve depth is close to being reached.

*Put all the candidates with k>500000 into a separate file, but don't upload that file yet.

gribozavr 2009-08-21 17:09

I have downloaded and verified all submitted factor files.

MooooMoo: Here's a file with small k's:

cipher 2009-08-27 23:54

4700-5500G Complete cipher [Range 1]


MooMooo: "Combine my Ranges if you get a chance" For example: So you can save space.

3000G-3200G cipher complete
3200G-3500G cipher complete
3500G-3700G cipher complete


3000G-3700G cipher complete


cipher 2009-08-29 20:37

5500-6000G complete [Range1] cipher


Gribozavr: What is the % of factors which are duplicate? Or wut % of actual factors come out from a file.

6000G-6500G Reserved cipher [Range1]

cipher 2009-08-31 13:14

6500G-7000G Range 1 Reserved cipher

cipher 2009-08-31 18:11

6000G-6500G complete [Range 1] Cipher


7000G-10000G cipher [Range 1] Reserved

Joshua2 2009-09-04 19:15

10000G-12000G reserved how high are we going?

cipher 2009-09-04 23:20

I am guessing 50T @ least Josh.

Joshua2 2009-09-05 00:53

ok, I'm 25% done here on my C2Q Q6600. Is it more efficient to run two singles or one -t2? Has anyone experimented with all the config settings to find something better? Like block size and prime sizes?
12T-15T reserved.

cipher 2009-09-05 01:33

6500G-10000G complete [Range 1] cipher


15T-17T cipher Reserved [Range1]

Ken_g6 2009-09-05 02:42

17T-20T Ken_g6 Reserved [Range1]

I'd better get in on this before Cipher takes it all!
Joshua2, from what I've seen, for one N, -t2 is about as fast as two singles. For multiple N's, -t4 looked about as fast as well, but I haven't tested with V0.3.x yet

Which reminds me, MooMoo, my latest version is:


And I think it's going to stay that way for awhile.

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