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delta_t 2003-06-25 18:15

Resuming after a hard drive crash
Can someone please help. Lost my Prime95 client after a hard drive crash. I would like to resume where I had last left off because I was about 94% complete on M19172359. The last iteration my computer checked into Primenet before the crash was 17967105. Is there a way to resume from there? Or do I have to start from the beginning of that exponent again? Thanks.

Complex33 2003-06-25 18:23

Without the pXXXXXXX or qXXXXXXX save files there is no way to continue from any one point. Alas, the beginning is whever you must start.

delta_t 2003-06-25 20:19

I see what you mean. So maybe I won't have to start from the beginning if I could locate my backups for that particular directory I had Prime95 in. Still, what a bummer, so close to finishing it.

nomadicus 2003-06-25 20:37

Seems to happen to many of us sooner or later. I lost the larger half of a 19million a few months back. Thank goodness that's the only one since I started :exclaim:

Reboot It 2003-06-26 13:54

The only (small) consolation I can think of is that you do not need to do the P-1 stage again, as if that had found a factor, you would not have gone on to do the full Lucas-Lehmer test. So make sure the worktodo.ini line ends in ...,1 rather than the ...,0 you might have had previously.

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