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hhh 2007-03-24 15:16

P-1 reservation
If somebody has a good computer for P-1, he can do some.
Results (please all results from your range at once) you can send to p r i m e c u l l e n p r i m e % y a h o o : d e
1625-1700K: ET_
1700-2000K: ET_
2000-2500K: ET_
3900-4000K: Jokern3000
Posts can be deleted without notice at any time. :whistle:

hhh 2007-05-16 20:12

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One more P-1 file. After that one I suggest focussing on LLR.

When you reserve a range, don't forget to delete the lines for 4000k-4100k.

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