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Coleslaw 2014-04-18 01:28

Could the getting started thread get updated?
Since PSP has been brought up in the DC-Vault for potential removal, I figured it would be nice to address some concerns in these forums. Your threads encourage people to use PrimeGrid but give members an option to use a different client than BOINC. However, your start here thread is way outdated and the links go to geocities pages that have no content. Could you please update the thread with upgraded step by step guide for setting up the non-BOINC client along with your preferred process to request work. I would also like links to be placed in that guide to the current files necessary to run. I have found when talking people through the process of installing clients that pictures work great within guides.

Last I read you wanted people to PM you for work requests. Many have mentioned in various locations about how inconvenient that process is. I agree that PrimeGrid is quite simple and easy. However, for the sake of DC-Vault, people need to have a good, simple, and accessible option for running your alternative client. Since your stats are awarded separate from PrimeGrids, this causes a bit of conflict within the DC-Vault.

Citrix 2014-04-21 01:52

There are 2 ways of reserving work
1) Primegrid (BOINC)
2) The other way is PRPnet discussed here [url][/url]

It will take some time to get the Getting started thread updated (unless someone else wants to do it).:bow:

Citrix 2014-04-23 03:54

I have updated the getting started thread. There is no illustrated BOINC or PRPnet guide for right now.

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