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GP2 2003-10-11 07:16

The somewhat less mysterious exponent 11947847

This exponent has been tested 3 times by the same machine, presumably with a different result each time.

:alien: :alien: :alien:

Interestingly the machine in question happens to belong to curtisc. And this is not an error-prone machine (0 bad results, 8 good results).

markr 2003-10-15 07:37

I think I should do this one. I put it in a worktodo to see how long it would take, and now I see it has done the p-1 stuff. (No factor, unfortunately). It'll keep my DC/LL ratio up too. Maybe about a week to finish.

markr 2003-10-21 23:30

[CODE]Sending result to server for exponent 11947847
ERROR 3: Exponent not assigned to this computer.
Sending text message to server:
UID: Rameau/mr, M11947847 is not prime. Res64: BC9E0F1356D0C8CB. WZ1: 9FEF93DB,10236226,00000000

GP2 2003-10-24 20:27

A footnote:

The data files now look like this:

Good results:

[font=courier new][size=1]

Bad results:


So the 3 results by curtisc/ccc61 actually all had the same residue. They had the same shift count, which usually means the same test was reported more than once; however, the error codes are all different, which seems to indicate that this machine really ran the test 3 separate times with the same shift count.

Perhaps a file backup was done when the first test was partially complete, and system restores were done twice later, causing the same test to resume from the same partially-completed backup point?

markr 2003-10-26 22:46

Thanks, GP2. Good results are good news - much better than finding out there'll be a wait until a triple-check!

Mersenne-ary 2004-08-12 00:34

Shouldn't this go to Completed Missions?

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