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Bundu 2004-08-10 22:11

Why isn't Primenet World test Status Available
Hey Guys n Gals,

Why when I log on to [url][/url] why isn't the World Test Status available? Is there a problem? I've noticed this is a problem that happens from time to time...

All I see is....

* Hourly World Test Status Summary
All Times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

This summary includes only section (1), and counts for sections (2) and (3).

Error processing SSI file '/primenet/summary.txt'

Refer to the PrimeNet statistics charts for more information.

Cheers, Mark

marc 2004-08-11 00:00

It happens on the hour when the file is being rebuilt. If you happen to check a few minutes after the hour then you'll see an incomplete file too.

All times are UTC. The time now is 10:51.

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