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Italian 2003-12-12 13:43

Expiration date
Hello! I have a question for you, and that is the following:
What is the expiration date in the "individual account report"?
After that time I'm no longer allowed to test the number? Will my work be lost??? Or may I renew the assignment??
What can I do? Because my computer has been switched off for many days and I'll not be able to complete the test before that date!!!
Ok , sorry, my questions were more than one, but thank you for every answer !!
Bye bye !

TauCeti 2003-12-12 14:34

After the expiration date the test will be assigned to another user. But that should be no problem for you at all:

Your prime95 will update the expiration date when it communicates with the server. How frequent that will be, can be controlled in the options/preferences menu. Default is 28 days.

If you want to force an update now, you can use advanced/manual communication and check "contact primenet server now" and "send new expected completion dates to server"

You will see a new expiration date in your personal report thereafter.

The password for the advanced menu is "9876" (not sure if you need that)

GP2 2003-12-12 17:14

The expiration date is usually extended automatically as long as your computer is connected to the Internet at least every 60 days or so.

Italian 2003-12-12 19:47

Thank you for the answers!!
But I have another problem:
I used the manual communication sending the new completion dates, but when I visit my personal account report page I read:

run / to go / exp
20.0 500.0 80.0

It has been updated only the section "to go" and not the "exp" one!!!

What does it mean?

Thank you again!!!
Bye bye

garo 2003-12-13 19:54

No that is incorrect. You have 80 days before you MUST communicate with the primenet server again. This enables the server to know that the exponent is being worked on and has not been abandoned. It will also update the expiry figure.

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