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Unregistered 2011-08-04 09:05

I am running mprime.
For some reason I lost the connection to the server.

If I log in again starting ./mprime -m (as I did initially) -
in order to get control -
I get the message "another mprime" is running.

Yes of course - but - how do I get controll over
my running session again?

Thanks in advance

Brian-E 2011-08-04 11:41

If your internet connection is in order, mprime will normally be able to re-establish the connection itself (it retries periodically).

However, if for whatever reason you want to restart mprime, then obviously you need to stop the process which is already running first. Use the "ps" command to see running processes (options depend on your OS but I in many cases it is ps -ef to see all processes, another I have encountered requires ps ax ). Then use kill <process number> . mprime saves its current progress before stopping. You can then restart in the way you want to.

Sorry if this is all already obvious. If so, you need to give more details about what the problem is precisely.

Unregistered 2011-08-04 16:25

Thanks for your hint.

I am running 12 workers (7x24) on a Sun X4270 under Ubuntu 10.10
I startet the thing with ./mprime -m
Now, for some reason I lost the connection to this server.
After reconnect am again ./mprime -m I had the following situation:

0) All workers are still running
1) <3> gives me, as normal the potential end dates back
2) <4> gives me test/continue (????? I mean, it is running !!)
3) Issuing test/continue (<4>) it brings back "another mprime is running"
4) My problem is, that I do not get any screen output every 20000 iterations (in my case)
example "Iteration: 29720000 / 50816569 [58.48%]. Per iteration time: 0.070 sec."
I need this information mainly to observe the speed "Per iteration time......" and secondly
to see the exact percentage of done work.
So - how go I get the screen output back for each worker after XXX iterations?

By the way: applying ./mprime -h shows me also the option -aXXX.
If I would run different mprimes concurrently - is there a monitoring command to observe them concurrently?
Thanks from Germany

Brian-E 2011-08-05 09:17

I too originally had problems when I tried to have the output permanently on the screen - after originally starting up a particular work unit (LL test in my case) with screen output and not managing to get that output back when I continued the test after the computer had been switched off. So I'm interested in any help from others that might be given here.

These days I don't bother with screen output and watch the progress in the files results.txt and prime.log . This allows me to calculate the per-iteration time in LL-tests easily and see progress in all types of work.

A useful thing to know if you don't already, is that the progress through the test is given in the file prime.log each time there is an update to the server ("Sending expected completion date....") in the codes it sends as a URL. You need then to look at the data item "...&p=NN.NNNN..." - that is the percentage of the way through this work unit.

If you stop the process it will write its progress in an even more obvious manner in the file results.txt .

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