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wblipp 2003-11-24 04:55

Comments on ElevenSmooth Introduction, Please
In two weeks I'll make a presentation to the class I'm taking at the local Community College on [I]Intro to Web Page and Design[/I]. My class project is the ElevenSmooth web site.

I will use this presentation opportunity to attempt to enroll class members in ElevenSmooth. I've put together an overview about Distributed Computing and ElevenSmooth that will be the beginning of the presentation. They will be following on their own computers, and I've figured out an easy way to get them running ElevenSmooth during the presentation; Page 4 directs them to start it up.

The last page of this presentation has a red link for "Send Comments." I'm particularly interested in
- Comments about improving the class presentation.
- Comments about revising this for the internet,
- Comments about where to include this in the web site.



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