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E_tron 2003-08-09 18:26

...if you managed to biuld a P4 machine for all your friends with some :rolleyes: ," Special Software included at no charge! :rolleyes: "

ThomRuley 2003-08-10 13:57

... If you suggest that your fiancee do her bridal registration at

ThomRuley 2003-08-10 13:59

...If you offer to upgrade a friend's computer and "generously" offer to take the leftover parts off her hands (so you can build another GIMPS machine.) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

E_tron 2003-08-13 18:41

...if you managed somehow to change Dell's master copy of Windows XP to put prime95 on it :devil: . Now all of Dell's new machines run Prime95 for you :shock: . You don't have to build cheesy custom P4 PC's anymore :D .

(I hope i didn't give anyone a brilliant idea :D )

Uncwilly 2003-08-15 13:52 don't live in the northeast US and think that the power outage there will help your place in the standings. :D only use library computers to get on the internet, to save cycles on your home machines. :) gather up all the out-dated machines at work and put them in a closet to make a sneaker net factor pharm. :devil:

Gary Edstrom 2003-08-15 15:23

...if the power outage in the Northeast was caused by you bringing all of your P-4 systems online.

E_tron 2003-08-16 00:44

...if you went online (missing 20 phone calls) just to check to see if version 23.7 is out :shock:

kwstone 2003-08-16 00:52

[quote="E_tron"]...if you went online (missing 20 phone calls) just to check to see if version 23.7 is out :shock:[/quote]
...if, as soon as you read the above, you reflexively checked the downloads page for version 23.7

E_tron 2003-08-16 00:53

...if you really did :shock: :D :shock:

ET_ 2003-08-18 00:52

...if you bought a framed "gray" poster from Perfectly Scientific only to show how big a Mersenne prime can be to your friends... :shock:

E_tron 2003-08-18 03:48

...if you ordered a poster, but couldn't wait for next day air to arrive, so you long handed it yourself :shock: .

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