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Ungelovende 2008-09-13 10:49

How much to reserve for maual LLR?
I'm going to manual reserve ranges for primality testing using LLR371C instead of LLRNet. I have 2 quads (Q6600@2700 and AMD9750@2650) How many .txt should I reserve? 1 file for both quads, 1 file each quad, 1 file each core?

hhh 2008-09-13 16:20

Just as it is convenient for you. The more you reserve, the bigger the committment, though. And as much as we like reservations, as much halfway-done and aborted ranges cause trouble.

If you are sure to stick to the project for a few weeks, there is no problem reserving one file per core.

Sloth 2008-09-13 22:53

Just a rough estimate - each core can do about 1 test a day.

edit: I really need to look who is asking before I post. Since you have been running tests you know how long they take.


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