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wombatman 2022-04-03 17:07

[QUOTE=SethTro;603168]This is expected. I'm balancing binary size and compile time vs range of numbers that can be tested.

If you want to run ECM on numbers > 1020 bits look around line 670 in[/QUOTE]

Good deal. Thanks!

EdH 2022-07-12 00:30

[QUOTE=SethTro;601241]IFAIK you don't need to compile CGBN (or setup the googletest), you just need the folder downloaded ("cloned") from Github.[/QUOTE]I've brought the folder down (via git) without installing CGBN for a second machine and although cgbn.h is present, ECM says it is not:[code]configure: Using CGBN from /home/math56/Math/CGBN/include/cgbn
checking if CGBN is present... no
configure: error: cgbn.h not found (check if /cgbn needed after <PATH>/include)[/code]I've tried with and without /cgbn after /include, per the readme, with no success. I've also tried copying cgbn.h into different places.[code]$ ls /home/math56/Math/CGBN/include/cgbn
arith [B]cgbn.h[/B] core
cgbn_cpu.h cgbn_cuda.h cgbn_mpz.h[/code]

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