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henryzz 2009-07-30 12:19

unreserving 127308, 184578, 236424 and 236448

gd_barnes 2009-07-30 23:03

Releasing 102480.

gd_barnes 2009-07-31 08:09

Reserving 19440 and 19650.

I've now taken all that I'm going to take for a while up to 20000: a total of 40 sequences for 10K-200K reserved at the moment. (None for > 200K)

Note: Please delete my reservation for 210280 in the first post here. I released that one about 3 weeks ago. It's correct on Karsten's page.

10metreh 2009-08-01 07:43

Full update! :grin:

[B]gd_barnes[/B] escaped the 2 * 3 driver at 100 digits in 15390, and the future of the sequence is currently in the balance with 2^2 * 3.

[B]Batalov[/B] had a great run on 81882, adding over 2000 more lines. The downdriver was acquired for the first time at 103 digits, line 1303. It and the following downdriver helped drop the sequence down to 44 digits. The sequence then dropped below 60 digits another two times after peaks at 80 and 93 digits. An escape from 2^6 * 127 at 96 digits was followed by the apparition of the 2^3 * 5 guide, which has taken the sequence to 114 digits, line 3318.

[B]Batalov[/B]'s downdriver run on 218292 did not amount to much - only a 2^3 * 3 driver. :sad: But there is a chance of escape this line :smile:

[B]Andi_HB[/B] escaped the 2^2 * 7 driver directly to the downdriver on 250452 at 105 digits. The two downdriver runs that followed brought the sequence down to 62 digits. Sadly the 2^2 * 7 driver was acquired, driving the sequence back to 106 digits.

[B]Batalov[/B] has a very good record for long sequences, and 556276 is a good example - this sequence is now at line 6640.

But of course Super Serge's main achievement this week was 552150 joining the elite 7000-line club of which only 3 single sequences are members. The latest downdriver run has left the sequence stable at line 7145, size 101, so could Batalov's own record with 195528 be under threat?


[B]IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please could you check the list to see if there are sequences on it which you have not worked on for ages and should have officially retired. There are some sequences on the list that haven't been updated since I took over as project leader.[/B]

KriZp 2009-08-01 11:39

unreserving 122688, 223398 and 239778. I checked my local files versus the db and found only a few lines missing, everything is in sync now.

gd_barnes 2009-08-04 08:49

Releasing 183680.

Greebley 2009-08-04 15:17

reserving 781032 to get it back to 80 digits or termination.

Note: I also pushed the previously broken 971424 up past 80 digits, but the summary states it exists to 89 digits. If anyone has that info, it would be nice to submit. I don't recall what was up with that one.

Greebley 2009-08-04 16:29

ok, 781032 is now 84 digits with a nice 2*3 driver so I am unreserving it.

Greebley 2009-08-04 16:40

Grabbing 902724 to get it also above 80 digits (currently has downdriver)

Greebley 2009-08-04 17:58

"Over 80" project for the database is finished.
... and done with 902724 which picked up 2^2*7 and went over 80 digits.

I also updated a few indices of 900054 to get that above 80 too.

At this point every open ended sequence in the db is 80 digits or over (or reserved, but none of the ones under 80 were at this time) for numbers under 1 million.

Additionally any sequence known to merge or terminate under 1 million is complete in the db.

gd_barnes 2009-08-06 05:53

Releasing 19278.

This is another great sequence that I'm sure someone will want to pick up. See more info. about it in the "class records" thread. It is now only guided by 2^3 with no factor of 3 so is very interesting.

It set the record for longest ever-increasing run within a sequence at 1048 indexes before finally losing the factor of 3 and dropping. It regained it, increased for a while, and then dropped it again. It has now gone down for the last 9 indexes with guides of either 2^2 or 2^3 and is currently at i=1069 with a hard C105.

Good luck to anyone who reserves this interesting sequence! :smile:

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