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Xyzzy 2006-03-27 03:07

The wiki software has been upgraded to 1.5.8 so let us know if anything is broken. Thanks!


Xyzzy 2007-02-21 09:50

We are stuck at version 1.5.8 for the foreseeable future. Our hosting provider does not allow direct PHP5 access and the newer versions of Mediawiki require PHP5. Fortunately, our wiki works just fine the way it is, and seems pretty secure.

We spent close to 8 hours trying to fudge a way around the PHP5 requirement using a CGI wrapper but either we are too stupid or the software is defective. In either case, we would much rather take a nap than deal with that again.


Uncwilly 2011-02-18 02:18

Has this changed? The host issue?

Xyzzy 2011-02-18 03:26


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