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jasong 2006-09-20 21:06

Is it possible to reserve a specific n-value for 2^n-1?
I've noticed that people like to come up with ideas about which n-values are most likely to yield a prime. I was wondering if it was possible to reserve a first-pass n based on one's own idea of what could yield prime.

For example, in the math section, there is a thread discussing the interesting smoothness of the exponents of the 44 Mersenne primes already found. If one wanted to reserve a number based on the ideas in that, or any other, thread, would they be able to?

This is just for informational purposes, as I don't believe I have the necessary patience for a first-pass test.(I like to jump from project to project)

Mini-Geek 2006-09-21 00:10

Well, there are exponents available at [URL][/URL] for you to manually test, but that's a small list to choose from. You could always do Advanced > Test... in Prime95 to test an exponent, but the number might already be done or be currently in the process of testing by someone else, and even if it's not, it could be given out by the PrimeNet server to someone else. If someone got it assigned to them, you would be wasting CPU time, either yours or someone elses. I'm not sure, but it might be possible to e-mail George and ask for an exponent to test, so that no one else gets it assigned to them.

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