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nomadicus 2003-02-14 16:41

Where did it go?
I do some manual factoring and have a question about how they show up on my individual report.

Back in January, I manually checked out 20 numbers to factor (I ran Mfactor V1.13). When I checked them in, they were cleared off my checkout list and the ones that had a factor were reported on my individual report like this:
[quote]22358233 60 F 1017840226614659689 20-Jan-03 00:37
22361111 58 F 268992700698945857 20-Jan-03 00:48

Recently, I manually checkout another batch of 20 numbers to factor (I ran factor e2.8 from ewmayer). Two days ago I manually checked in this batch and as before, these too were cleared off my checkout list. However, unlike the above, those with a factor do not show up on my individual report -- in particular M22238743. :(

It's kind of cool to see my list of factors (that I've found) build up. Anyone know why the new ones aren't showing up anymore?

edit: I checked them in shortly after the server came back up from its recent problem(s).

garo 2003-02-14 17:43

try submitting them again. The server's recent problems may have something to do with this. They may show up later, but there is no harm in resubmitting.

QuintLeo 2003-02-15 17:39

Cute avatar, nomadicus.


nomadicus 2003-02-15 18:53

[quote="QuintLeo"]Cute avatar, nomadicus.

Thanks. I've gotten many good responses about it. :D

Edit: Added comment:
I just reviewed my log files of all the numbers I've checked out manually and factored. A little over a hundred. Point is, that about 15 other numers haven't shown up. I just now realized that the vast majority of the factors I've found have not shown up on my individual report.

So what qualifies a found factored number to show up on my indivual report? Just curious, not griping.

garo 2003-02-16 08:12

All factors you found and submitted to Primenet - using either Prime95 or the manual testing pages - should appear in your individual report provided they were done after Nov 18 - the last database/server synchronization date. Well, I'll amend that statement. George removed certain factored results from primenet when he made the 18M range available for assigning. So, some factored results did disappear overnight esp if they were in teh 17-18M range. However, not all numbers disappeared so YMMV.

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