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bhelmes 2021-01-05 01:42

special quadratic polynomials : f(n)=an²+bn+1
A peaceful night for you,

I noticed for some quadratic polynomial, such as f(n)=n²+1, f(n)=2n²-1, f(n)=2n²+1 and f(n)=4n²+1 you can make a linear substitution with n=p*k+n0 with p|f(n) and p=f(n0) and a division by p so that you get

This seems to be something special. Do they have a mathematical name and which mathematician has investigated them ?

A short link would be really nice from you,

Greetings from Corona-times, :whistle::batalov::crgreathouse:

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bhelmes 2021-01-24 02:51

A peaceful and pleasant night,

what is the difference between eliptic curves and quadratic polynomials,
resp. what mathematical property does eliptic curves have in opposite to quadratic polynomials, especially for the factorisation.

In my opinion both are double periodically function, for both they are suitable with complex numbers and the "Ordnung" (order) is "flexible".

Would be nice if someone gives me a mathematical hint. :hello: :cmd: :beatdown::tom:

Greetings from the factorisation side

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Nick 2021-01-24 10:14

See "[URL=""]Factoring integers with elliptic curves[/URL]" by H.W. Lenstra

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