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paulunderwood 2003-04-08 03:43

Welcome to the 3*2^n-1 search forum
Welcome to the 3*2^n-1 search

This forum is here primarily to help coordinate the search. Search news will be posted here too. If you have any questions then please ask. If you wish to join the search email me please. Each block of work is expected to take two weeks on a 1 GHz Athlon. All sieving is being done by me. In fact, for 'n' to 1 million (roughly 300,000 decimal digits). I will only release numbers for "probable prime testing" when it is optimal to do so (relative to Athlons!) . With the files I send you useLLR:


Paul Underwood ( [email][/email] )

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paulunderwood 2006-03-21 23:52

Nearly 3 years on and we are testing numbers with 3/4 million digits :shock:

Thanks to all for their help.

Join us and have a good chance of finding a world top-20 prime today :devil:

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