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gd_barnes 2018-01-25 06:55

Reserving base 22 to n=30K.

I will doublecheck it to n=22K

gd_barnes 2018-01-27 22:47

[QUOTE=sweety439;478258]Don't forget, the bases b<38 include bases 4, 8, 16, 32 and 36, although they are not shown in the webpage.[/QUOTE]

I did not forget them. The prime gap that I pointed out for b=34 is still the largest for b<38 and n<=30K. This includes both sides combined for each base.

rogue 2018-01-30 03:52

206, 208, 210, and 212 reserved Jiahao He via e-mail

gd_barnes 2018-01-30 20:39

Base 22 is complete to n=30K. No primes were found for n=22K-30K.

Base 22 was also doublechecked to n=22K. No problems found.

All bases <= 40 are now complete to n>=30K. :smile:

gd_barnes 2018-01-30 20:42

Base 26 was doublechecked to n=30K. No problems found.

Doublecheck status:
Base 22 to n=22K.
Base 26 to n=30K.
Base 34 to n=10K.
All other bases shown on primes page to n=2500.

gd_barnes 2018-02-05 16:12

Reserving base 42 to n=30K.

I will doublecheck it to n=10K.

gd_barnes 2018-02-13 16:30

Base 42 is complete to n=30K. 2 primes were found for n=10K-30K. Base released.

[B]Base 42 and 44[/B] were also doublechecked to n=10K. No problems found.

gd_barnes 2018-02-13 16:32

Reserving base 46 to n=30K.

I will doublecheck it to n=10K.

Reserving base 2026 to n=10K.

I will doublecheck it to n=5526.

Filling in the search holes. :smile:

rogue 2018-02-13 23:29

Gary has graciously taken over the coordination of this search. Please go to [URL=""]this page[/URL] to view the current status.

gd_barnes 2018-02-14 05:33

Base 2026 is complete to n=10K. No primes were found for n=5527-10K.

Base 2026 was also doublechecked to n=5526. No problems found.

LaurV 2018-02-14 10:16

I was looking to those tables and saw that after 222 or so, the bases are not contiguous. I assume there is no search done for the missing bases, and the "higher" values just come from "people with a hobby" and not from an organized search. Because, unless I am not missing anything, I see no reason why the missing bases would not give primes. I think they do, and it should be no reason to jump from 222 to 228 (therefore missing 224 and 226) or from 2010 to 2026.

Now, the introduction done, for a week or so we were looking for an opportunity to test the new "multi-threaded" tool from Mark (i.e. mtsieve). We picked CK numbers, and we picked the base 2018. As the current year, you know? We could not make the toy run in multi-threaded mode (this is subject for another thread), but we got hooked :blush: and let it run overnight to sieve (single thread) and test with pfgw with some batch file. In the morning we had few (small) primes, and pfgw was close to testing n=12k or so.

Does it make any sense reporting it? Or we are really missing the point (again, it won't be the first time, hehe).

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