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MyDogBuster 2009-04-02 06:26

[QUOTE]Ian, I removed the n>500K prime from the 1st post of this drive. It is the 1st prime of the new 10th drive so I am showing it there.[/QUOTE]

DUH Didn't put two and two together.

gd_barnes 2009-04-02 06:33


Can you send me the results file(s) for n=460K-500K for this drive when you see that port 8000 has processed them all? It looks like there are ~850 straggling k/n pairs yet to process, some from as low as n=495.9K. Hopefully they'll all get processed in < 3 days. Feel free to send me up to n=495K now and then n=495K-500K later on.

Once I've reviewed the results, the drive will be officially complete. :smile:


gd_barnes 2009-04-08 02:11

Results have now been checked for n=460K-500K. Primes were confirmed against the 1st post in this thread, the 8th drive page, the k=300-2000 page, and the top-5000 site. No problems found.

Nice work everyone! This drive is now officially complete.


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