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Dobri 2022-10-20 10:44

You just might be addicted to GIMPS if [SPOILER]you wake up in a cold sweat at the midnight hour after an excruciating nightmare that an applied statistician made a breakthrough in your beloved logical number theory with hypothesis testing on a bunch of numbers.[/SPOILER]

kriesel 2023-01-22 17:35

[QUOTE=drkirkby;584279]the police raid your house looking for a cannabis factory, suspecting you have one due to the amount of heat being generated.
Or, on the input side;
your electric utility contacts you about your high usage level and suggests time-of-use billing in place of flat-rate, after inquiring whether your home is still being used as a residence, or has been converted to an energy intensive business.
[spoiler](Well, one could theoretically have revenue from prime-discovery prizes...)[/spoiler]
The nearest utility distribution transformer hums. Loudly. Noticeably more loudly than a few years ago. After the utility company replaced it. Possibly with a larger-rated unit.

kriesel 2023-01-22 17:40

Or if you imagine your numerous voluminous statistical numerology postings have any influence whatsoever on any other GIMPSter's sleep patterns.

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