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pinhodecarlos 2020-09-12 08:10

Msieve help flag
Hi all,

How to I call help menu on msieve? Trying to get out a list of parameters/flag/etc
Tried “-help”, “- help”, “- h”, almost all permutations.


VBCurtis 2020-09-12 08:16

msieve -h works for me. Lengthy list of flags and options.
Edit: is it possible your copy was compiled without the help text? Maybe a generic msieve binary could show you the help info.

pinhodecarlos 2020-09-12 09:15

Few msieve windows versions here and none work to get the help menu. Can you please post here the list of flags, thank you.
Will try to dig out an old msieve version from my archives.

swellman 2020-09-12 11:42

msieve -h
Msieve v. 1.52 (SVN 945)

usage: msieve [options] [one_number]

numbers starting with '0' are treated as octal,
numbers starting with '0x' are treated as hexadecimal

-s <name> save intermediate results to <name>
instead of the default msieve.dat
-l <name> append log information to <name>
instead of the default msieve.log
-i <name> read one or more integers to factor from
<name> (default worktodo.ini) instead of
from the command line
-m manual mode: enter numbers via standard input
-q quiet: do not generate any log information,
only print any factors found
-d <min> deadline: if still sieving after <min>
minutes, shut down gracefully (default off)
-r <num> stop sieving after finding <num> relations
-p run at idle priority
-v verbose: write log information to screen
as well as to logfile
-t <num> use at most <num> threads

elliptic curve options:
-e perform 'deep' ECM, seek factors > 15 digits

quadratic sieve options:
-c client: only perform sieving

number field sieve options:

[nfs_phase] "arguments"

where the first part is one or more of:
-n use the number field sieve (80+ digits only;
performs all NFS tasks in order)
-nf <name> read from / write to NFS factor base file
<name> instead of the default msieve.fb
-np perform only NFS polynomial selection
-np1 perform stage 1 of NFS polynomial selection
-nps perform NFS polynomial size optimization
-npr perform NFS polynomial root optimization
-ns perform only NFS sieving
-nc perform only NFS combining (all phases)
-nc1 perform only NFS filtering
-nc2 perform only NFS linear algebra
-ncr perform only NFS linear algebra, restarting
from a previous checkpoint
-nc3 perform only NFS square root

the arguments are a space-delimited list of:
polynomial selection options:
polydegree=X select polynomials with degree X
min_coeff=X minimum leading coefficient to search
in stage 1
max_coeff=X maximum leading coefficient to search
in stage 1
stage1_norm=X the maximum norm value for stage 1
stage2_norm=X the maximum norm value for stage 2
min_evalue=X the minimum score of saved polyomials
poly_deadline=X stop searching after X seconds (0 means
search forever)
X,Y same as 'min_coeff=X max_coeff=Y'
line sieving options:
X,Y handle sieve lines X to Y inclusive
filtering options:
filter_mem_mb=X try to limit filtering memory use to
X megabytes
filter_maxrels=X limit the filtering to using the first
X relations in the data file
filter_lpbound=X have filtering start by only looking
at ideals of size X or larger
target_density=X attempt to produce a matrix with X
entries per column
X,Y same as 'filter_lpbound=X filter_maxrels=Y'
linear algebra options:
skip_matbuild=1 start the linear algebra but skip building
the matrix (assumes it is built already)
la_block=X use a block size of X (512<=X<=65536)
la_superblock=X use a superblock size of X
cado_filter=1 assume filtering used the CADO-NFS suite
square root options:
dep_first=X start with dependency X, 1<=X<=64
dep_last=Y end with dependency Y, 1<=Y<=64
X,Y same as 'dep_first=X dep_last=Y'

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