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EdH 2022-03-16 21:33

Some Somewhat Easier n^i Sequences Available for Termination
In the sub-project [URL=""]Aliquot sequences that start on the integer powers n^i[/URL], there are some sequences that should terminate with a prime. This thread will list those with a current term that is less than 136 digits* and flagged as unreserved. These sequences are mostly above those of the main project, although some may drop into the main project on their way to termination.**

If you are interested in the excitement of terminating an Aliquot Sequence, although not guaranteed, these are pretty sure bets to do so.

[B]Note:[/B] For anyone, new or old that would like to automate some of their work, please look at the script in [URL=""]post 7[/URL] below. The script can be used with Aliqueit to convert the base^exponent value to its decimal and invoke Aliqueit to run the sequence and upload the results.

Please visit the thread mentioned above and its [URL=""]associated page[/URL] for more details. You may reserve the available sequences in this thread and see the current status on the project pages, as updates are applied.

It is suggested that if you will take more than a day (or two) to terminate a sequence, you reserve it, so others don't duplicate your work. The following are the current reservations (but, also check the latest posts):[code]
132^68: 132/127/3 - richs
135^63: 134/127/3 - richs
135^65: 132/130/3 - richs
184^62: 134/116/3 - Sergiosi
192^60: 131/123/29 - Sergiosi
[/code]As of the time of the last edit (fiddling), the following sequences were available:[code]
136^62: 132/117/3^2
141^61: 130/124/3
141^63: 134/103/3
141^65: 133/132/67
141^67: 134/125/3
182^58: 131/126/3
183^59: 133/130/3
183^61: 134/127/5
188^58: 129/123/3
188^62: 134/128/5
189^59: 134/128/3
189^63: 133/128/111109
189^69: 133/119/19
192^58: 133/131/59
192^62: 134/127/13
[/code]The second value is the cofactor size.

Here's a size sorted listing of the above:[code]
188^58: 129/123/3
141^61: 130/124/3
182^58: 131/126/3
136^62: 132/117/3^2
189^69: 133/119/19
189^63: 133/128/111109
183^59: 133/130/3
192^58: 133/131/59
141^65: 133/132/67
141^63: 134/103/3
141^67: 134/125/3
183^61: 134/127/5
192^62: 134/127/13
188^62: 134/128/5
189^59: 134/128/3
[/code]* The current threshold of 135 digits was chosen to ensure the listing has some relatively easy sequences for those just starting out. The sequences are shown with term size/cofactor size/smallest prime.

** Sequences of the type n^i where both n and i are either odd or even (matched parity) nearly always terminate. Also, sequences where n is double a perfect square nearly always terminate. On occasion one will merge with a sequence in the main project and become open-ended.

The following are the terminated sequences that have not yet been updated in the tables. Some may have unknown credit for termination (listed as A). If "The Terminator" would like credit, please claim it in this or the other thread:[code]
115^71: Prime - SER
115^77: Prime - RCH
117^65: Prime - RCH
118^64: Prime - RCH
126^62: Prime - SER
140^66: Prime - RCH
141^55: Prime - RCH
141^57: Prime - RCH
141^59: Prime - RCH
182^60: Prime - SER
192^50: Prime - SER
192^52: Prime - SER
192^56: Prime - SER
192^54: Prime - SER

RichD 2022-03-16 23:55

I went through some of my recent initializations and found a few that might be worthy to elevate into the first post.
[CODE]84^66: 128/104
84^68: 132/116
84^70: 136/119
86^66: 128/115
86^68: 131/128
86^70: 136/122
90^68: 134/129
91^65: 127/120
91^67: 131/107
91^69: 135/122
92^62: 122/94
92^64: 126/115
92^66: 130/113
92^68: 134/99
93^65: 128/101
93^67: 131/103
93^69: 136/108
95^63: 124/116
95^65: 129/100
95^67: 133/119
95^69: 136/124
96^66: 132/118
96^68: 136/128[/CODE]

EdH 2022-03-17 00:20

Thanks Rich,

I hadn't planned to make this a new source, but maybe that would work. I'll try to keep up with new available sequences, at least for now.

If we can get some more interest, the newcomers can also initialize some bases and work both terminations and open-ended, too.

VBCurtis 2022-03-17 02:35

I'll help with administration on this thread- updating post 1 with reservations, etc.

kruoli 2022-03-17 12:32

If appropriate, I would like to take these:
[CODE]3^333: 134/123
84^70: 136/119
86^70: 136/122
90^68: 134/129
91^69: 135/122
92^68: 134/99
93^69: 136/108
95^69: 136/124
96^68: 136/128[/CODE]

EdH 2022-03-17 14:07

Perhaps we should discuss which direction to take this thread, and how to minimize confusion with the main thread.

My initial vision was to have a few smaller sequences available to introduce newcomers to the project at a level they could work with a single machine.

As it now looks, we could create a large set of available sequences, much larger than my original thoughts. This could easily spiral into a mass of confusion for us. We need to keep this coordinated with Jean-Luc and not task him too heavily.

We need also to consider yoyo in this, since he'll be needing <140 work for his hungry project.

Let's step back momentarily to prioritize project goals. We'll need Jean-Luc to help with this. Advancing the tables is going to be more intensive due to how fast the terms now get large. How does table advancement, vs. same parity termination, vs. new table additions work toward the goals that provide the data for the questions that drive this project?

My proposals, for now:
- We hold only a very few to attract newcomers and see if we do. (we need to decide how few, etc.)
- We should go ahead and terminate the rest among ourselves as we would normally do.
- - kruoli has asked for some. I'm OK with that and they aren't reserved in the tables, but I would also like input from RichD, since he provided the bulk of them.*
- - VBCurtis also expressed interest in the ones I'm bringing below 140 digits. Let's go ahead and let our members reserve and work these as we have been.*
- I'm hesitant due to workload and confusion, but we may want to use the first post as a reference to smaller, same parity, available sequences. I would accept all help in that upkeep, but again, I'd like to minimize confusion with the main thread and Jean-Luc, so the table workings don't get too complicated. Keeping up with reservations could become duplication of effort and confusion if it isn't timely.

* We still need to use the other thread for reservations so the tables get updated and I'll move any reservation posts from this one over once we've discussed this a little more. We could be more timely showing reservation status here, but would it conflict with those on the main table pages?

All comments welcome. . .

kruoli 2022-03-17 14:51

If we want to attract new personnel, I would suggest we take their hand a bit (at least give the possibility) and give some guiding on how to execute this work. For example, I prepared a small script for this thread:
[CODE]export BC_LINE_LENGTH=0; # disable line breaks in bc
bc < list.txt > list.bc;
line_count_input=$(wc -l < list.bc);

rm -f *.log siqs.dat nfs.*;
for i in $(seq 1 $line_count_input);
number=$(sed "${i}q;d" list.bc); # use this instead of read line (etc.) to prevent a misdeteciton of file redirection in YAFU, which would enter batch mode and cause problems
wget -O $alq_file "${number}&type=1";
line_count_elf=$(wc -l < $alq_file);
./aliqueit -y $number | tee execution.log; # use tee to see the progress while still logging to a file
./aliqueit -s $(($line_count_elf-1)) $number > upload.log; # maybe check if upload limit was reached here
dir=$base_dir/$(sed "${i}q;d" list.txt);
mkdir $dir;
mv -t $dir aliqueit.log execution.log upload.log $alq_file;
Put your work in a file named [C]list.txt[/C], one entry per line in the form [C]x^y[/C]. It is assumed that you have an aliqueit executable in the same directory as the script (optimally with aliqueit.ini and yafu.ini if you have configured aliqueit to use YAFU as it would be recommended). Additionally, you would need [C]wc[/C], [C]wget[/C], [C]sed[/C] and [C]bc[/C] (these do not come with every Linux distribution by default). It will get the current ELF files and upload the results immediately after a sequence has terminated. The results will be stored as condfigured by [C]base_dir[/C]. (One could add another parameter to aliqueit to prevent getting in the rare case of a sequence not ending trivially.)

We could add links to threads (e.g. EdH's) on how to set up and compile YAFU(2) and aliqueit.

[SIZE="1"]As an aside, how do you pronounce aliqueit? Like ah-lee-kweet?[/SIZE]

EdH 2022-03-17 15:43

[QUOTE=kruoli;601938]If we want to attract new personnel, I would suggest we take their hand a bit (at least give the possibility) and give some guiding on how to execute this work. For example, I prepared a small script for this thread:
. . .
We could add links to threads (e.g. EdH's) on how to set up and compile YAFU(2) and aliqueit.

[SIZE=1]As an aside, how do you pronounce aliqueit? Like ah-lee-kweet?[/SIZE][/QUOTE]This could be a great idea, especially if we get anyone at that beginning of a level. I would hope the script wouldn't look too complicated to them. We can add this to the first post once we have a clear direction.

[SIZE=1]My pronunciation, which is actually rarely vocal, is more ah-leh-cue-it, but the ah still isn't quite right. I don't know the author's version.[/SIZE]

RichD 2022-03-17 16:36

Perhaps it is I that has the misunderstanding. For a newbie to look at the main status table is a bit overwhelming. For the rest of us that grew up with it, it is easy to understand.

I mostly do initialization work. Take sequences up to C100. If they start bigger, I take the (expected) terminating ones from C118-C120 to termination. I leave several in the C120-C140 range and above.

garambois 2022-03-17 18:44

Thank you very much Edwin for taking care of this and thank you very much to all the other people who are taking part in this new venture concerning n^i sequences with n and i of the same parity (matched parity) and with i large enough to require a good computing power.
I don't know at the moment if I have a role to play in this thread ?
I think the easiest way to avoid any confusion is indeed for you to let me know about your reservations on the main project thread, that's what I understand ?
Then I will update the project page according to these reservations.

RichD 2022-03-17 22:24

My (two cents) thoughts are, we would have a list of terminating candidates in post #1. People would speak up here to reserve a few. No need to flag them in post #1, simply remove them from the availability list. As more are spotted they can be added. We should never deplete the list, always leave a few.

Since the termination runs usually last less than a day (or so), no need to flag them here. As they complete they should be reported in the main thread for proper credit. This thread is for add and subtract.

More thoughts welcome.

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