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diep 2021-08-27 02:05

Turning off Game Mode in win10 which i found somewhere in its settings and let's see what it results into...

moebius 2021-08-27 02:20

[B]false alarm[/B] the resisdues files was still saved in the directory of the old version 30.3b6 , that I`ve deleted for a few hours. :sorry: I have recovered the resisdues files with EaseUS Data Recovery.

kriesel 2021-08-27 04:54

[QUOTE=moebius;586603]No, 30.6 build 4 is more recent, look at [URL=""]this post[/URL]
[/QUOTE]Or in general, use the [URL=""]reference info,[/URL] for [URL=""]prime95[/URL], or [URL=""]the list of available software[/URL].
New releases for software often get added to the [URL=""]announcements[/URL] page I maintain.

James Heinrich 2021-08-27 09:53

[QUOTE=diep;586606]other than source doesn't download[/QUOTE]The source link should be [url][/url]

moytrage 2021-08-28 14:32

Link to all Prime95 soft versions
[QUOTE=diep;586599]is p95 30.3 v6 the latest builld?[/QUOTE]

You can see a full list of Prime95 software here [url][/url], this link gives you a browseable/downloadable directory with archive of all versions, from oldest to newest. Scroll down to very bottom to see newest versions.

diep 2021-08-28 21:05

thanks for the reactions!

Question: how do i have P95 log to disk each k * 2^n - 1 riesel residue in a textfile after it has been found to be composite?

So something like this to textfile - and nothing else (except when it's prime of course! but i see the box even could be made beeping in that case):

32767*2^4011041-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 04F8A5D38CED2C05 Time : 17772.735 sec.
32767*2^4012161-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 41073B7FFFBA3580 Time : 16653.764 sec.
32767*2^4013153-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: C1396DC9FC070AA2 Time : 15868.032 sec.
32767*2^4014993-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 51C0FD8DBB946348 Time : 16358.199 sec.
32767*2^4015793-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 3582E75CB445F99D Time : 16236.208 sec.
32767*2^4017473-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 3E7C80E3227E14DF Time : 17978.968 sec.
32767*2^4018593-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: E1DEB5A16C48F9B9 Time : 16855.197 sec.
32767*2^4019985-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 465780C4776B339C Time : 17471.892 sec.
32767*2^4021121-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: E869291EA7523B47 Time : 16854.644 sec.
32767*2^4022049-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: DB919CF0776935F4 Time : 16119.627 sec.
32767*2^4023809-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: B4569E92043DE985 Time : 17582.490 sec.
32767*2^4024929-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: DDE16460198F436E Time : 16172.751 sec.
32767*2^4025649-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 6DA8FE747A427D9B Time : 15618.931 sec.
32767*2^4026945-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 50DBCA4AA364B7AD Time : 14572.847 sec.
32767*2^4028273-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 437022E8C82A4A0C Time : 14656.529 sec.
32767*2^4029569-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: B338BAAB048344EA Time : 18490.592 sec.
32767*2^4030193-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 928E6CEEE20DC864 Time : 18691.475 sec.
32767*2^4031409-1 is not prime. LLR Res64: 87F2E55E3E4785D3 Time : 16519.308 sec.

diep 2021-08-28 21:11

Please note that P95 gui messes up my mouse cursor. Is there a way to fix that? (this is in win2019pro)

diep 2021-08-28 22:30

P95 is generating a proof afterwards that wastes tens of thousands if not more squarings. How to turn this off?
And also it writes a .residues seemingly for this. All this while we are busy trying to speedy do a prp test. How to have it not write that?

i had added already some things to the diff files:

to prime.txt (of version 30.6) :

And to local.txt:

Though i have no idea what it is doing - it is not in the undoc.txt what this variable means.

What more can i modify?

Thanks in Advance,

VBCurtis 2021-08-29 00:14

Why are you trying to make P95 do what LLR is designed for?

paulunderwood 2021-08-29 01:56

[QUOTE=VBCurtis;586772]Why are you trying to make P95 do what LLR is designed for?[/QUOTE]

I recommended off-forum that Vincent uses Prime95 mainly because there is no 64-bit Windows version of LLR that has GEC (Gerbicz Error Correction). Also Prime95 has the nice worktodo.add service, making administration of candidates easier on his multi-core system.

They're about equal for speed of tests.

At the moment the main problem he has is turning off proof generation, which is unecessary and uses lots of disk space.

Prime95 2021-08-29 03:18

Try WorkerDiskSpace=0

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