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sweety439 2021-05-28 01:21

The [URL=""]download link[/URL] in page [URL=""]srsieve[/URL] is broken.

kar_bon 2021-06-21 06:52

I'm planning to make a greater change for the handling with Riesel and Proth templates:
To avoid using two different templates for 'normal' Riesel/Proth numbers (base=2) and General Riesel/Proth numbers (base>2) I will add a new parameter for the base into the templates.
Therefore the page-naming for Riesel/Proth numbers will change, too, including the base, so from "Riesel prime 125" to "Riesel prime 2 125" and from "Gen Riesel prime 5 2" to "Riesel prime 5 2", same manner for Proth side.
This means an easier way in handling those templates (two instead four).
Unfortunately all links to a special k-value outside the Wiki won't work anymore and I will not create any redirects.
This will be done first for the Proth side (small amount of pages), later Riesel side is done.

I've also managed to store information of General Fermat numbers, but still need some more templates (Fermat numbers) and testing, so please don't add more GFN-divisibilites to any Proth number. A test can be seen [url='']here[/url] to create tables like on

Happy5214 2021-06-22 01:13

Banning redirects on the Prime-Wiki will not work in the long run.

Aside from that, I have an unrelated question related to the templates. What's the purpose of having the R/P prefix on all of the Riesel/Proth template arguments? It seems superfluous, since its meaning is provided by the template call being used, and it requires extra work to add the prefix letter. Does DPL require all field names to be unique across templates?

kar_bon 2021-06-22 11:40

I've created a template for "Gerneralized Fermat numbers" to show some data and the dates/names for found factors from "GF Divisor"s.
[url='']F(38)[/url] is an example with links to the corresponding Proth number and the GF Divisors. Perhaps some more data to show there.

kar_bon 2021-07-07 12:57

I've managed to store and display "Long numbers", using the FactorDB-IDs and shortcuts.

This was needed to collect and display all types of Generalizes Fermat numbers of the forms a^2^n+b^2^n.

At the page for the [url='']Proth prime 3*2^n+1[/url] the notes for [I]n[/I] = 41 contains links to a page (GF Divisor) and showing the first entry (here Fermat(38)).
The old type using a template for all entries did not worked if there were more than 20 entries, so now an own page.

The page for the [url='']GF Divisor 3*2^41+1[/url] contains all divisibilities to all GFn's including dates found and discoverers, if available.

Finally the page for the [url='']Fermat(38)[/url] contains all data derived from the GF Divisor pages, links to them and the factorization.

The [url='']category[/url] of this GFN's now contains tables for:
- differences [I]n[/I]-[I]m[/I]
- GF numbers: including state and factorization
- GF Divisors: [I]k[/I]- and [I]n[/I]-value and discoverers
Perhaps here some further work has to be done, like different pages for the big tables or small changes to the 3rd table.

All data taken from Wilfrid Keller's pages, but the advantage here, all data contain links to other pages (like Proth primes, Persons, FactorDB entries) to find more data easily and creating/updating the last 3 tables automatically, if new GF Divisors/GF numbers are stored in the Wiki.

kar_bon 2021-07-14 06:28

I've changed/updated the template for Proth primes (k*b^n+1) including the base as parameter [B]and[/B] in the page name. So there's no need to use a "Gen Proth prime" template (see also the "Template protoypes" page).
Some other templates used for Riesel and Proth are not yet fully updated (like showing the k-type in a table), but will follow.
Many other pages linked to those Proth primes were updated (like Williams) and some project pages.
Now every base of [url='']Proth primes[/url] will get their own category with some cub-cats and pages from now on.

There's no need to use redirects for old pages, because if an old page in not found like [url='']Proth prime 3[/url] (without base in page name), a link as "search the related logs" is available and shows the moving of this page to a new one.

I will now start the same procedure for the Riesel prime pages, which will take some more time. So perhaps many pages will show errors, because I've to change the Riesel template to work with first.

This all will make the handling and updating of those templates much easier in the future (2 templates instead of 4 and some other used templates easier).

I will inform here, when the moving of all pages is complete and related pages are updated, too.
Be patient.

kar_bon 2021-08-13 13:29

The moving of all Riesel type values and filling the new parameter for the base into those pages is done.
Many thanks to the bot from Happy5214 to do the task more automated.

All other things like templates or related pages should also updated according to those Riesel template change.

A new link on the sidemenu was included for Generalized Fermat numbers with a navbox related to them.
Although many pages are still missing, because the dataset is extremely big, examples for Fermat primes F(n) and GFN(3,1) are available. The related templates are also available in the Template prototype page on top.

Currently I'm working on the PrimeGrid searches, here the Proth types as
- Proth Prime Search (PPS)
- Proth Prime Search Extended (PPSE)
- Proth Mega Prime Search (MEGA)

Happy5214 2021-08-13 23:56

1 Attachment(s)
I recently completed the import of Ken Davis's data, which included increasing the limits on all of his [I]k[/I]'s to 200k. I noticed that his 3 5-digit [I]k[/I]'s were not previously in Prime-Wiki, nor on the old RPPDb, despite being on the PrimePages since the early 2000s. That made me curious how many more [I]k[/I]'s we're missing from the UTM data. Turns out, it's a lot. Using automated scanning of the PrimePages for all odd [I]k[/I]'s between 10k and 100k using the standard Riesel form, I found 989 unique [I]k[/I]'s (and that doesn't even include special forms). Of those, 631 were not on the Prime-Wiki (I've attached them here). If we included all of them, that would nearly double our collection of 5-digit [I]k[/I]'s.

kar_bon 2021-08-15 15:06

There're sure many Riesel or Proth primes at UTM which are not in the RPPDb. Many of them are only as the mentioned for only one n-value (constant n-searches or like) and were not at high priority to be included, neither in RPPDb nor the Wiki. Perhaps all UTM entries like those will be inlcuded but the near future has other priorities.

I've just created two pages to create new pages for Riesel or Proth primes. See the links on the "Template prototype" page.

kar_bon 2021-08-26 14:34

Today: 2^13 = 8192 pages in the Wiki and counting!

Happy5214 2021-09-21 08:56

I was nitpicking at [url][/url], and I found a couple of minor things:[list=1][*]The lead isn't really a sentence, but rather a description in the form of a phrase. I wonder how often that recurs across the Wiki.[*]"There are 338 sequences in this Wiki:" (as of this writing) - First of all, this can be a lot more descriptive, maybe something like "There are 338 Riesel [I]k[/I]'s with missing ranges on this Wiki:"? And note the difference between "in" and "on". I don't know if German has separate words for those (I know Spanish uses the same word, "en", for both). I thought of the Wiki in two ways, as being a website and a database. Something being [I]on[/I] a website or a database made sense to me, as did something being [I]in[/I] a database, but something being [I]in[/I] a website sounded awkward to me, so "on" makes more sense here to me. A template might make sense for these headers.[*]The [I]k[/I] cells in the table should use [c]! scope="row" |[/c] instead of simple bolding, so that they serve as HTML row headers. You can handle the change in styling using MediaWiki:Common.css if you don't like the new rendering, but the semantics are important.[/list]

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