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kar_bon 2020-07-25 00:23

Perhaps you use "German" as page language? You can change this by choosing "English" in the top menu. And possibly have a look at your "Preferences": Internationalisation.

Try a "Purge" also.

Dylan14 2020-07-25 15:10

Looks like it is fixed on my end now: just had to select English again in the top menu (it was selected before, so I am not sure why it wanted to put that in German. Maybe a caching issue).

Happy5214 2020-07-26 08:37

I had also purged it, so that may have also helped.

storm5510 2020-07-26 17:40

[QUOTE=kar_bon;551293]...RPPDb: The data shown for k=6059 says, this k was searched to n=50,000 and FreeDC Drive #2 found a higher prime (started from n=410,000 -> see menu for FreeDC and Drive 2 also).
UT Martin = Top5000: go to [URL=""]Search[/URL], put in the "Mathmatical Description" as "^6059*2^%-1" and select the "Type" option "all (includes unverified primes)" -> will show all primes there for Riesel 6059*2^n-1.[/QUOTE]

[B]RPPDb[/B] I think I found, but it says it is no longer maintained. It is [URL=""]here[/URL].

I did a forum search for [B]FreeDC[/B], but did not find anything specific. Perhaps my search was too broad.

Searching [B]UT Martin[/B] yields a lot of data once the parameters are correct.

kar_bon 2020-07-26 18:03

1 Attachment(s)
RRPDb: What is not maintained where?
The link you gave is the home page with the menu/links to all different prime page I've designed the last 13 years.
The page for 6000<k<8000 is still [url='']there[/url] and will remain until I moved all data to the Wiki.
FreeDC got his forum [url='']here[/url] (the Prime Search can be found [url='']here[/url] with their 3 drives) and an overview of the drives at RPPDB is also [url='']available[/url].
I don't know what browser you use or what you see but this is the available menu on RPPDb:

storm5510 2020-07-27 02:15

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It appears I misinterpreted the line at the top of the front page. (Attachment). "Not under my control." My apologies. There is a lot there to move. Until then, a good reference.

I did my search for "FreeDC" and not "Free-DC." I had never seen this site before.

My browser is [I]Mozilla Firefox[/I].

What I see, cannot see, or cannot see correctly, is [U]not[/U] a topic for discussion. I was browbeat because of it and I do not wish a repeat.

Dylan14 2020-07-27 14:51

On the old Riesel Prime database site you had marked k's that are primorials (for example, 255255 was marked since 255255 = 17#/2). Will this be added to the wiki?

kar_bon 2020-07-27 20:36

This is possible by using a special category, because of the few k-values an automated recognition is not needed.

There are some problems:
- k=278970415063349480483707695 = 71#/2 the automated calculations of the 3k/15k/2145k/2805k values are not correct and will shown in those table falsely (see last entry of [url='']this[/url] table). This calculation has to be done in another matter or anyway.
- Those long k-values will broaden some other tables until there's no other possibility.

I can create an own category, a page with table and the first few values.

sweety439 2020-07-28 17:10

In [URL=""]Riesel prime 5110664609396115[/URL], n=143 is also Sophie Germain (not only n=34944 and 34945)

kar_bon 2020-08-01 19:15

I've implemented a recognition of missing markings of Sophie Germain in Riesel prime pages and found 6 more.
The algorithm is testing
- only for Riesel primes
- only if such page was saved
- not in any table view
If a missing value is detected, the page is categorized
Perhaps there're some more but the system has to check all which takes some time.

kar_bon 2020-08-04 07:43

Some changes in handling MultiReservations for Riesel values:

If a project reserved several k-values a MultiReservation will be used to handling easy range or dates changes during that project: change only one value instead of editing many pages.

The problem before: If the n-value range is not set to n=1 but instead of say n>=400k and the lower ranges are not yet tested, the max n-value shown in any k-value page of the project is false.

If a MultiReservation of a Riesel k-value is set [B]and[/B] a max n-value (RMaxn) is given, the RMaxn value is shown including the MultiRes n-value in brackets.
The categorizing into the [url='']Missing range category[/url] is set, too.

Example:[url='']Riesel k=15373[/url] reserved by RPS Drive 10 which reserved for 400k<n<2M and the lower range 300k<n<400k is missing right now.
The display in the table are not yet changed (later to do).

- All missing RCounts inserted in any Riesel k-value pages and so this value is used to be shown in the tables
- The display of the k-type has changed: for example a 2145k-value is linked to that [url='']page[/url] with table
- Many k-values from the [url='']Riesel problem[/url] were inserted and the table of frequencies showing which values are complete
- Many Riesel k-values inserted and the original RPPDb pages are updated (deleted those values there but including a link to the Wiki).

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