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mdettweiler 2010-08-23 05:37

ROLP at PrimeGrid
Hi fellow Raiders,

As you guys all surely know, PrimeGrid has a bunch of PRPnet servers in their "Project Staging Area" where they run various subprojects that are either not yet ready for BOINC (for various reasons), or are not high enough priority to justify taking away from other BOINC subprojects. In fact, our PRPnet thread actually links to theirs for client downloads since they often get new PRPnet versions posted quicker than I can. :rolleyes: Since both projects use the same client software to some degree or another, there's some overlap between them--for instance, PrimeGrid's PrimeSearchTeam (a conglomeration similar in spirit to ROLP started by Lennart and a few other PG admins) has participated in our last two rallies and in fact has beaten the socks off of ROLP both times. :ermm:

An additional area of overlap is that of PrimeGrid's PRPnet servers being used as fallback servers in our PRPnet clients (mine and Gary's at least--I wouldn't know about anyone else's), in case NPLB and CRUS's servers go offline. The reverse also seems to be true (in the past we've had sporadic contributions from Lennart between rallies when PrimeGrid servers dried out and his clients fell back to ours). PrimeGrid grants BOINC credit within a few days of results showing up on PRPnet, so anybody from here who also has an account at PrimeGrid will get BOINC credit for their fallback contributions. I myself contributed somewhat heavily (if you can call my old Pentium 4 "heavy contribution") at PrimeGrid prior to my interests shifting to non-BOINC projects a few years back, so I was already set up and was surprised to discover that I rather quickly surpassed my prior BOINC contributions with my fallback PRPnet work alone. :smile: Which got me thinking: all that stuff is going to "no team". Why not set up ROLP there as well?

So, a few minutes ago I set up a [URL=""]profile[/URL] for Raiders of the Lost Primes at PrimeGrid. I'm listed as the team founder and admin there, since Gary isn't registered at PrimeGrid at this time. (Speaking of which, Gary, some of your clients fell back to PrimeGrid servers during our hard drive crash outage a couple of days might want to register there to catch the BOINC credit for ROLP. You can sign up with their [URL=""]manual registration form[/URL] and join ROLP with just a few clicks...there's also the side benefit that you'll be registered for their forum in case you ever need to post there.)

If any of you guys have done or might do any contributions at PrimeGrid, please join ROLP there so we can get credit for it! (Note that only credit [I]after[/I] joining a team counts for that team in BOINC, so if you've got long-ago contributions to PrimeGrid sitting around, they won't count for ROLP.)

Max :smile:

henryzz 2010-08-23 09:15

I will add them as backup servers.

mdettweiler 2010-09-17 05:57

As of today, ROLP is now a BOINC-wide team. (Why not? :smile:) From what I hear, it should propagate out to all BOINC projects within a couple of days. So if any of you guys are doing BOINC work besides PrimeGrid, it can count for ROLP too. :smile:

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