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akruppa 2006-06-10 09:07

[QUOTE=philmoore]Mixing Mentos and Diet Coke:


I have [I]got[/I] to try that!


akruppa 2006-06-29 11:57

[URL=]We're Germans[/URL]



akruppa 2006-07-17 20:38

This monkey is insane.



Wacky 2006-07-24 20:05

A picture is worth ...
[URL=""]La marche de l'empereur[/URL]

gribozavr 2006-08-18 00:23

Things you might not know about Bruce Schneier


Oops, excuse me... :blush:
Jeff Gilchrist posted this link in the "Interesting Link" thread. I just got it on IRC though ;)

ET_ 2006-09-09 23:08

[QUOTE=ewmayer;86541][url=]Inadvertently Funny Domain Names[/url]

Note that the "False" tag in the article header does *not* mean that the domain name in question never existed - if you read to the bottom you'll see that in fact it was used, but by an Italian rather than an English power company - apparently the Italian company in question has since changed it.[/QUOTE]

Here it is :blush:


And also


It was a hoax, as referred on "The Register":


And better than this one:

[url][/url] :whistle:


Mystwalker 2006-09-10 10:05

[QUOTE=ET_;86723]It was a hoax, as referred on "The Register":

[url][/url][/QUOTE] <-- yikes!

Mini-Geek 2006-09-11 17:35


Mystwalker 2006-09-11 19:40


Uncwilly 2006-10-30 20:50


Xyzzy 2006-11-01 03:50


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