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wblipp 2004-12-21 21:25

I updated the statistics today [url][/url]

This also entailed getting the C818 left by our last factor back into production. Between the effects of now being smaller and having been out of rotation for a while, it's now a small "hole" compared to its neighbors. The ECM server will hand this number out until the hole is filled in.

Mystwalker 2004-12-22 21:06

What's the M(_203).c190?

wblipp 2004-12-23 03:59

[QUOTE=Mystwalker]What's the M(_203).c190?[/QUOTE]

One of the annoying things about the present generation of ECM Server is that when people change projects the client will report the last finished work to the new server, and the new server will stick it into the list of composites. Fortunately it is added inactive, so the new server isn't subverted into working on the other numbers. But all of us that run ECM Servers find these factors from other projects in our servers. This is a translation of such an artifact.

There's a new version of the ECM Server and ECM Client that is presently being tested. Among the many wonderful things, the new client will keep track of which servers to report to and the new server will refuse work units that belong to somebody else.

The page has been fixed. You can see that the hole for the C818 is nearly filled. The server is still handing it out, but the hole has already been filled to a plateau, and will soon be a standard slope.

Thanks for pointing out the error. I apparently failed to scan ALL the way down the list.


Mystwalker 2004-12-23 14:03

[QUOTE=wblipp]There's a new version of the ECM Server and ECM Client that is presently being tested.[/QUOTE]

Does it use the same format to save results (curves done, factors found, etc...)? Maybe I'll do a parser to automatically compute the current progress and it would be a shame if I have to do it all over (or at least modify it considerably) for a soon-to-be-released version...

wblipp 2004-12-23 16:44

[QUOTE=Mystwalker]Does it use the same format[/QUOTE]

NO. The .ini files and the log files will change with the new server. The new server will be able to hand out P-1 and P+1 in addition to ecm work. This requires changes in the ini file. The new client can share among multiple servers. so an assignment check in is not always followed by an assignment check out. This causes changes in the log files.

Rogue is doing the revisions. I'm running an test server on port 8201 and could email the ini and log files to you.


Mystwalker 2004-12-28 18:25

That would be great!

I finally got the time to look into your spreadsheet and found it very useful. Incidently, it's almost what I did (same constraints; output is csv only for my version, but that can be rewritten for html table in no time). :smile:

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