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Hugo 2021-11-25 14:43

Hypothesis about The Next Mersenne Prime
Sorry if it´s considered spam but is important.

Best Regards
Pedro Hugo García Peláez

Uncwilly 2021-11-25 16:31

How many of the existing known Mersenne Primes have you tried this with?

Hugo 2021-11-25 16:55

Next Mersenne Prime
I tried with the interval prime(20) to prime (40) (71 and 173) and appear 89, 107 and 127 Mersenne primes with Mersenne 127 as last factor

Hugo 2021-11-25 17:00

Next Mersenne Prime
Is hard to compute that prime numbers I am not expert in computational time but to find the Last Mersenne prime after the known last prime at least will take a month with a good computer.

xilman 2021-11-25 17:16

Oh RDS, where are you in our time of need?

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