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kql 2014-09-11 19:48

Prime95 - stop all workers on error [feature request]
I use Prime 95 for stress testing.
If there's an error on one of the cores (workers) there's no point going on, because it means the system is not stable.

So it would be great if P95 stopped all workers automatically when an error happens.

sp00n 2020-12-31 15:15

6 years later, and this is still a great request. I've been asking myself this a lot as well during stress testing.
Not only would it make noticing stability issues much easier, it would also prevent any unnecessary power usage and therefore be good for the environment! :mooc:

Additionally it would be great if the error message would display on which FFT size the error happened, right now you have to guesstimate by looking at the other workers (which do not always run in sync, especially during longer stress tests).

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