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wblipp 2003-10-15 21:56

Planner for Level 4 of Special Project
The [URL=]javascript web-based planner[/URL] for Level 4 of the [URL=]Special Project[/URL] is ready.

My expectation is that we will do a few curves on M(3326400) and a lot of curves on the first and second level exponents. The planner allows us to experiment and see the tradeoffs.

wblipp 2003-10-16 22:44

I have updated the [URL=]Planner[/URL] to expect no primes for the primitive part of M(5400).

As part of testing improvements in his [URL=]Java Factoring Program[/URL], Dario Alpern has completed 95 curves on the primitive part of M(5400) without finding any new factors. This makes it highly unlikely that ElevenSmooth will find factors of this primitive in Level 4, with B1=250K.

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